'Suits' Recap: Love is in the Air
'Suits' Recap: Love is in the Air
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Suits is back! Pearson Specter has stable leadership for the first time in a while, but we'll have to wait and see how long it lasts. Mike's secret threatens the very foundation of the firm and Louis is determined to find out the truth. In "Buried Secrets," some were revealed while others got chiseled away at.

Love is in the Air

Harvey decided it's time to make a commitment and wants to move forward in his life with Scottie by his side. And she's on board with making that happen. It's not just their personal life in play though, Scottie wants to work at Pearson Specter. 

Scottie took Harvey's offer of a job seriously and accepted it. The problem: Harvey never talked to Jessica about it and the big boss was not happy. She agreed to let Scottie work there, but with some conditions. Five hundred big ones. Right away.

Scottie wanted to be in a relationship with Harvey and wanted to work at the firm, but she wasn't confident enough in either to plop down $500,000. Jessica's decision forced the love birds to take a hard look at their relationship.

Harvey thought that if Scottie landed a big client, Jessica would forgo the early buy in. Not even Michael Phelps would make that happen. It wasn't about the money for Jessica. The buy in requirement was about commitment and stability for the firm

Harvey's answer to the problem ... fixing it! He went behind Scottie's back and paid the buy in for her. Ouch. He certainly believed it was a romantic gesture, but it wasn't. It was conniving and manipulative. And Scottie was not happy.

I'm sure the couple will make up and get over it, but it will be a shadow over their relationship. Harvey paying her buy in has the feel of buying her even if he didn't intend that. It also showed a sign of commitment from Harvey. He's not scared to give their relationship a go. That's something.

What Kind of Lawyer Does Mike Want to Be?

Nick Rinaldi was back and caused Mike trouble. Though, it was perhaps a lesson that Mike needed to learn. Mike was determined to get Rinaldi's case thrown out. It was personal and Mike used his client's best interest to his advantage.

It was sad to see this version of Mike. He wasn't able to recognize that it wasn't about him or Rinaldi. It was about the woman who lost her husband and the company that Mike was representing.

When Mike threatened to use the Facebook photo of the dead man having a sip of alcohol at the wedding, he turned into Rinaldi in that moment. He was worse than the guy who offered less than a month's rent for a settlement.

Mike wouldn't settle at all. I thought that after learning the painful truth about his father, Mike would see the light, but he didn't. His hatred of Rinaldi and grief over his parents' deaths was too much for him to overcome.

At least Mike gave Rinaldi another target to go after. That was something, but it really wasn't right. If Mike had a heart and truly recognized what he had done, he would have gone with the original settlement offer. 

We'll have to see if this case affects Mike going forward or not. Since starting at the firm, Mike has become much more like Harvey. He's fierce and unrelenting. I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Louis Knows ... Something

With Mike's file missing from the Harvard File Room, Louis suspects something's amiss. While the truth never crosses his mind, he wondered if Mike went to a sub-par, non-Harvard law school. 

Louis and is Dictaphone will never cease to be funny.It's a realistic means to get into Louis' mind and explore his internal thought process. He's a smart man, but definitely has a unique way of thinking.

While Donna was able to ease Louis' concerns with her Louis manipulations, it ended up leading him down a dangerous path. Louis got Mike's transcript and that initially satisfied his doubts. Until he looked closely.

The hacker who planted Mike's transcript made a mistake. She credited Mike with an A+ in Legal Ethics. That professor doesn't believe in giving anything higher than an A. Oops. Now, Louis is on the trail again. Will he find out the truth? It's going to be a fun ride, that's for sure.

At least Louis hasn't told Sheila about the missing file. For now, it's still an internal firm issue. If it gets outside the firm, they will all be at risk. Let's hope that Louis treasures his romance with her enough to keep his betrayal a secret. 

Plus, now that he's over his lying issues in the bedroom, he has no reason to tell her. He's got the girl. Now keep her!

So Sweet!

Mike and Rachel remain the cutest couple ever! She was there to support him after he learned the truth about his father. She listened. The best gift she could give Mike was to honor his father's memory.

The candlelight picnic in their new home in remembrance of their first date was something special. I hope they continue to honor their special moments. That's a way to keep his parents' memories alive, while keeping a strong relationship.

Good call, Rachel. The panda picture got to stay. The chair ... not so much!

Suits airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on USA.

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