'Suits' Preview: 'Rewind' to the Past, Understand the Present
'Suits' Preview: 'Rewind' to the Past, Understand the Present
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The past influences everyone. This is no less true for TV characters than it is in real life. So if we want to know how the Harvey, Mike and everyone else on Suits got to where they are today, we have to turn to their history.

That history is exactly what we get in "Rewind." What will we learn?

DISCLAIMER: If you have come here looking for massive Suits spoilers, I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed. There may be a few little tidbits and hints, but you will have to watch "Rewind" for more than that. This is OK -- you should watch "Rewind."

Taking place alternately in the present-day and five years in the past, "Rewind" shows us the parallel lives of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, long before they had ever met each other. Both characters were in very different places back then -- Mike was a bike messenger getting stoned regularly with Trevor, while Harvey was an ambitious and cutthroat associate.

At the time of "Rewind," however, everything changes for both men. And those changes are fascinating.

Like most TV flashback episodes, this Suits episode gives us plenty of information on back-stories and the origins of various plots. Want to know how and why Mike got into the test-cheating business? You will find out. Desperate for the details of Hardman's ousting by Harvey and Jessica? Check. Just longing for a look at Donna in happier times? "Rewind" has you covered.

The plot developments are great, of course. But what always makes Suits stand out is the way in which character reveals trump anything else in the program. In the case of Harvey, for example, "Rewind" gives us a glimpse into the early days of the man's deceptive arrogance. There are feelings behind that self-confident mask, and Harvey wasn't always as good at hiding them as he is in present-day Suits.

Add in healthy doses of witty dialog, multi-layered scheming and some serious heartbreak, and "Rewind" is one of the best episodes to come out of the incredible Suits season 2.

Suits may set this story in the past. But "Rewind" tells us far more about the present than anything else could.

A Few More "Rewind" Tidbits:

  • The can opener is back!
  • Harvey sports a casual look in most of the present-day scenes. Don't worry -- it suits him.
  • "Who's the bad guy now?" is one of the most important questions Suits will ever ask.
  • Death has a part to play in "Rewind."
  • If you had any doubts about whether or not Suits needs Donna, this episode should put them to rest.

Watch the Suits episode, "Rewind," on Thursday, August 9 at 10pm on USA.

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