'Suits' Poll: Is Harvey's Ego Out of Control?
'Suits' Poll: Is Harvey's Ego Out of Control?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Suits season 7 has meant new starts for all the key players at Pearson Specter Litt. Mike is finally a legit lawyer, Rachel's dream of practicing at the firm has come to fruition, Donna has a seat at the table with the big boys and Louis is down one fiance and all of his precious associates. In charge of this rag-tag team of brilliant minds is Harvey who is ruling over PSL with an iron fist as opposed to a velvet glove. Harvey's always been arrogant, but his new role as managing partner has kicked his ego into overdrive, and it's putting a strain on his relationships with everyone nearest and dearest to him at PSL. Is Harvey just doing his job, or does he need to put his ego in check ASAP?

Blind Ambition

Harvey's made multiple missteps during his brief tenure, including indiscriminately handing out senior partnerships and allowing D-bag clients to manipulate him. His mistakes have led to his most loyal allies questioning his every move which continues to undermine Harvey's confidence that he can step out from Jessica's shadow.

After a prolonged period of personal growth and self-actualization, Harvey is being consumed by ambition, and he's lashing out. Not just the occasional Harvey firestorm but as an ego-maniacal dictator who actually utters the phrase "Because I said so." He hasn't gone as far to retain a firing squad, but Harvey's boyish charm is quickly waning. The pressures of the job are getting to him and feeling like nobody has his back could account for his overcompensating, but as Jessica told Harvey, he doesn't always see the big picture and people are trying to help him, not undermine him.  

You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

Harvey continues to become more distrustful of those around him. His new role has changed his relationship with Mike who has always had a problem with authority. The two are butting heads at every turn. Harvey's history of nurturing Mike's rebellious behavior because it served both their interests are over. The question is how they'll keep their friendship intact as their professional paths diverge. Their bromance is at the heart of the show, so it's hard to accept that their Butch and Sundance days are over, but then again, those gunslingers died.

Harvey's new attitude is also straining his relationship with Donna who has also stepped into a leadership role. Harvey has always relied on Donna, but he is finding her newfound independence threatening. Even though Donna is a Chief Operating Officer, Harvey continues to treat her like his Girl Friday. Donna has tolerated Harvey's mood swings, but she's growing discouraged with Harvey's attempts to marginalize her.
But the person suffering the most from Harvey's ego is Louis whose constant efforts to take the high road haven't paid off. Louis' is often ruled by his emotions, but when it comes to the firm, Louis' insight is usually spot on. He's tried his best to play nice because of his affection for Harvey, but Harvey may have finally heaped so much undeserved abuse on Louis, there may be no coming back. Harvey's recent attack on the cat-loving, mud soaker was straight-up bullying, behavior that's becoming the new normal for Harvey. 

Growing Pains

Harvey's not going to be a dick forever - there's nothing fun about watching him verbally abuse Louis, belittle Donna or grow estranged from Mike. Harvey's swagger has never been steeped in narcissism. Although Harvey is confident, he also has insecurities (which explains the recent barrage of threats, ultimatums and tantrums), and his fear of both personal and professional setbacks have always caused him to react impulsively. Harvey wants PSL to thrive with him at the helm not just for personal gain, but for the benefit of those he cares about who work there as well. Let's just hope Harvey undergoes an attitude adjustment because this new Harvey sucks. 

Do you think Harvey's ego is out of control, or is he doing what's necessary to succeed? As the managing partner, is it inevitable that Harvey will grow apart from his friends? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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