'Suits' Interview: Cast Dishes on the New Firm Pearson Darby Specter
'Suits' Interview: Cast Dishes on the New Firm Pearson Darby Specter
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Suits season 3 has been a mess of manipulations and moves that have undermined the firm and their clients. Harvey made a deal with Darby to unseat Jessica as Managing Partner and then Jessica put Harvey's name on the wall to gain solidarity against Darby. We'll have to wait to see how to all shakes out, but it's certainly a mess.

In the spring, BuddyTV visited the Suits set in Toronto and spoke with the cast about season 3. On the visit, there was a surprise waiting for reporters on the firm's elevator bay set. What did we find? Pearson Darby Specter on the wall!

We were sworn to secrecy as the season hadn't begun yet and viewers didn't even know that the Pearson Darby merger was finalized. That didn't stop us from asking the cast about this huge reveal. 

Gabriel Macht (Harvey), Gina Torres (Jessica), and Sarah Rafferty (Donna) provided some insight into how Harvey became a named partner and the motivation behind the move. 

Why didn't Jessica listen to Harvey initially?

Torres: "I think Harvey's ego, which again, goes back to these is he ready to be a main partner? Is he ready to stake? Am I ready to stake the reputation of a firm on a guy who's so reactive. I mean come on, he's so reactive. I don't want to merge so I'm going to make a deal with the English guy, dude, and I'll teach you. I mean really, really?  [Laugh] I mean that's just sort of -- I see he's so reactive, he's so emotional.  His decisions are so emotional and she's like, ''m trying to save my firm, dude.' ...Let's get flushed and then we'll figure out what we're going to do.  And he can't see it that way."

Why did Jessica decide to make Harvey a named partner? 

Torres: "And it's not a manipulation as much as it is if you love this firm as much as I love this firm, then let's fight for the firm together. And I think that's sort of the cleanest way of putting it. ...  But it's a very bittersweet moment because it's not all champagne and strawberries and woo-hoo, and you know, let's celebrate.  It's really born of something far gray, like a much darker sort of dark gray place in the life of a firm and decisions that we have to make to survive."

What happens now?

Macht: "I think it's gonna take many episodes for them to rebound and there's moments here and there where they fall back onto the familiarity of their relationship..."

"... so there are moments where they do connect on certain things, but there's a lot of moments where there, you know, there's a lot of like, no way, we're not going that route, or things done behind each other's back. I think there are moments where you'll see they're gonna clash. We're just getting to a point where we're resolving some of that, and he comes clean on a couple of things.  So, and I think that allows some of that redemption and will let some of that maturity come back into the fold.

What's Donna's take on Harvey's new position?

Rafferty: "Harvey's dream for himself is Donna's dream for him. ... "So the idea of being the right hand to the guy whose name on the door is like, thrilling to her, is really thrilling to her."

Suits airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on USA.

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