'Suits' Interview: Rick Hoffman on Louis' Loyalty, Love and Lawyering
'Suits' Interview: Rick Hoffman on Louis' Loyalty, Love and Lawyering
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Louis knows! After finding Mike's file missing from the Harvard File Room and then discovering a shocking grade on his transcript, Louis is more determined than ever to uncover the truth on Suits. 

I spoke with Rick Hoffman during the Television Critics Association Winter Tour about Louis' difficult decision, love life, and an emotional upcoming episode. Read on for edited excerpts from our conversation. 

Louis has a big decision coming regarding the missing file and Mike.

In his mind, it's not a big decision. He's has a straight goal to find out -- for him -- this is what he does. As much as it might be heartbreaking to find out the results, this is what gives him focus. This is his loyalty to the firm that's at stake. He'll do whatever it takes to make sure there's no wrinkle with Pearson Specter. It's going to cause some [laughs] ripples.

Louis doesn't ever let anything go, is there anything that could allow him to let it go? If he finds out someone knows? Or is it a wrong and he always wants the wrong righted?

I have said this earlier and not comparing our show to Breaking Bad, cause Breaking Bad is just a show that sticks out as the best. I like our show very much, but I find our formula in a certain way like Hank, you know. If he found out his brother-in-law was doing something illegal. Would Hank let him go? No.

Louis, who is completely broken and flawed, the one thing he's unbelievably consistent with is his allegience to his firm. His team. Anything that gets in that way. No. There's no giving slack. No, that's a part of him that's actual redeems him in some way. He's honest to his firm.

So you don't think that Louis has it in him to use it? Harvey would use it as leverage, Louis wouldn't do that?

Look, people change. Who knows? As of now, I think what you see is that he does not care. He wants whatever rotten apple is in the bunch, he's gonna rid of it.

Part of the issue with Louis revealing the missing file is that he went behind Sheila's back. He could risk his relationship with her if she finds out. How does he navigate that?

That for him is uncharted territory. I don't think he's found love. He doesn't find it so often. And I think that's one of his own personal problems he's going to have to deal with as a character: to try and figure out to tell her or not tell her. And see what's ultimately at stake for him in order to do what he feels he needs to do for his work life, but yet his personal life is somewhat at stake. It's once again a great mix of crap this guy has to deal with.

Does he love Sheila? 

You'll find that out soon. You'll find that out in the last six episodes.

They are so good together.

You will for sure find out in a very interesting way what the story is with their relationship.

Now that Harvey is a named partner, is Louis over his irritation with that?

I think he's let it go for a while. I think it's something he's finally made his -- he was finally made Senior Partner,  so that's really what he wanted. I think Harvey and Louis' relationship evolved in a certain direction in [rest of season 3]. And once again somehow that dynamic, as much as it's different than it was, it's still interesting. 

Someone's life will be in danger this season.

It's just one of those episodes where -- there was an episode, "Sucker Punch," it was a mock trial and we all used each other to bring out each other's demons. In a different type of way, it really focuses on the six, but it has a really cool tenderness to it.

Is the firm working together in these episodes?

The firm has a different agenda and it's not being at each other.

No name changes. No big shake-up?

No, I think moral decisions are at stake. Moral decisions. Personal decisions. It has a lot more to do with that. And a potential showing of an underlying love they have for each other.

Do you think there's a way for Mike to get out of this situation?

There is a way, but it's one of those things of whether he wants to do it. Whether he doesn't want to do it. What else is at stake. I think there are many ways he can do it. It just depends on how long he takes to make that decision. If it gets too long, it could be more trouble and there may be no way out.

Anything else you want to tease?

There's something that goes on with Louis and Scottie. Yeah. Some form of lawyering. 

Suits airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on USA.

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