'Suits' Interview: Patrick J. Adams Previews Relationships and Law in Season 2
'Suits' Interview: Patrick J. Adams Previews Relationships and Law in Season 2
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Suits is about to come back to television, and we got the scoop on the new season from Patrick J. Adams, who stars as Mike Ross on the legal series. Check out what he has to say about Mike's secret, a heating-up love life and all those movie references.

After Trevor sold him out in the season 1 finale, will Mike even be a member of the Pierson Hardman law firm by the end of the season 2 premiere?

Patrick J. Adams: It starts with a dinner, and I get into [Jessica's] good graces. Then she kind of lets me stick around...

You're getting the impression she's going to kind of let me stick around. And now she's on our team, because we need to keep ourselves safe from [returning founding partner Daniel] Hardman.

You know, there's this relationship I always have with Jessica on the show where every time I'm in a room and she walks in, I bout out the other door. So now it's funny because we have this relationship after the first episode, but we haven't had a tone of scenes together... Are we cool? No.

What kind of work can we expect from Mike through the season?

Patrick J. Adams: There's a great storyline with Harvey and him dealing with this sort of past thing that's coming up to haunt him again. And so we're all kind of rallying around him, so I'm spending a lot of time being an associate for the first few episodes and just doing what I can to help him out.

What's up for Mike's personal life in Suits season 2?

Patrick J. Adams: The love life... The personal life, I think, comes into a little clearer focus in the first few episodes. Grammy's coming back, and I'm spending more time with her, which I'm happy about. It's a really important element for Mike. And the love life heats up a little bit, but I won't speak too much to the specifics.

With any office romance, there's going to be trouble there. So it's not like we can just jump right into a relationship, you know, with Rachel. There's all sorts of conflicts of interest.

So what's going to happen between Mike and Rachel?

Patrick J. Adams: Hot. Yeah, it's on. It's off. It's on. It's off. I hope it's on. We're writing a ton of good stuff this season. I'm really happy with that storyline this season. I don't want to, again, go into too many specifically, but they're not shying away from it.

We all know that this relationship that you love and you covet and you want them together... But you don't want them together too fast, because then they're together and then what? It's like you've got to find that perfect timing.

I think they're building it in a high-stakes environment, like this relationship's a hard thing to make work. And I think these two characters are so interested in one another but don't want to forfeit what they've worked so hard to attain. And especially for Mike, he's in a difficult situation, because he didn't attain this in the typical way, and he can't share that with anybody. So that's going to create a lot of conflict in him to be able to enter into a really loving, true relationship with someone if he is kind of all based on a lie.

How long until we see the Trevor situation dealt with?

Patrick J. Adams: Not long. It's going to come to a head, obviously. I mean, he really betrayed Mike's trust, and I think that if there's one thing that I'm screamed at on the street about most often it's to get rid of that Trevor guy.

[Episode] 203... There's a good thing coming up with me and him, and obviously something's coming to a head. And hopefully the fans will be pleased.

It's hard. Mike's... You know, it's his only friend. Mike obviously has a lot of trust issues, and that's a lot of fun for me as an actor to play. But I think it leaves him ultimately very lonely. So you've got a character who doesn't have anybody in his corner, and -- even though he's a really unhealthy influence -- it's the one guy he's got... But as he's getting more confident and becoming a new person and growing up a little bit, he's going to have to realize that this guy is bad news.

How does the relationship between Mike and Harvey change in Suits season 2?

Patrick J. Adams: I think there's a deepening. There's two things always going on. There's a deepening of friendship. I think the mentor thing becomes a mutual respect, you know? In the first season, I was fall all over myself a lot, dropping files and not figuring it out. I think in this season I'm becoming a little bit more confident in what I can do and what I'm capable of. And he sees that and gives me more to do on my own, hopefully, moving down the road.

At the same time, I think there's going to be an evolution of his way of winning and my way of winning. I've always thought of Mike as like a moral character in an immoral world. You're sitting in like a corporate law firm, and corporate law firms are not always participating in the most moral behavior. And so I think eventually Mike, it's gonna have to come up against that. And he's always struggling with how to remain moral and keep this compass that he has that is strong and it's what makes him who he is, and at the same time follow his dreams of becoming a lawyer and being successful.

So that, I think, is going to deepen our relationship and sometimes have to separate it, because even in the first season we had a lot of moments where it put us on two sides of the fence where I said, "I don't want to be your kind of lawyer." I think that's always going to be an element of the relationship.

I think that there's just this mutual investment in one another that... And then there's the legal side of it that like now his fate is attached to mine. If it got out what I've done, then he's kind of screwed himself. And I think that he's emboldened by that at this point.

What about Harvey and Mike make the lies about Mike's background work?

Patrick J. Adams:
Harvey's this master chess player, basically, and he knows how to move the pieces around. And Mike's getting really good at it too, because he was, you know, a con man before -- he's taking the LSATs for people. And I think that's why this all works. It's not because I'm smart and can remember everything in a book, you know. It's because we think outside the box. We, you know, we're the Captain Kirk, we're like, "Move this around and go over here and nobody will have ever seen that." Or we'll change the rules of the game in the middle of the game.

I feel like I'm getting better at manipulating everyone in my life, you know. And that's all that matters at the end of the day.

Will Mike still have trouble with Louis Litt?

Patrick J. Adams: We [filmed] a good episode recently where him and I are kind of paired together for the whole episode... I get to sort of connect with him in a different way. So again, it's not black or white. Like the poster says, you know, it's never going to be. We're enemies, you know. It's great because we can be enemies one episode, then we can be friends the next.

Have you ever been stumped by one of the movie references Harvey and Mike like so much?

Patrick J. Adams: Are you kidding? I'm terrible at them. Oh, you mean like I don't even know the movie? I'm pretty good at the references, but I'm terrible... I mean, the Sylvester Stallone thing, that wasn't like, "Hey, let's pretend I'm bad at doing a Sylvester Stallone!" That was like legitimately me on the phone in New York shooting that scene going, "I don't know how to do this. I can't do this!"

A little tidbit -- I've never seen Casablanca, and I'm giving [Rachel] crap in that episode [the season 1 finale]... I've definitely come across some things that I'm ashamed to admit.

Suits season 2 will premiere on Thursday, June 14 at 10pm on USA.

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