'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Gina Torres on Jessica's Support of Women and Thoughts on Romance
'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Gina Torres on Jessica's Support of Women and Thoughts on Romance
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Darby's gone and the Ava Hessington case is done and over with on Suits. Jessica finally has her firm back and is at the top of her game with Harvey by her side. Those threats may be over, but a new one emerged when Louis sneaked a peek in the Harvard student archives.

Gina Torres spoke with BuddyTV about the summer finale, "Stay," including the deal Jessica made with Rachel, romances, and the challenges coming when the show returns for the season's finale six episodes.

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When Rachel comes in to make the signature for a job deal, is Jessica proud of Rachel for doing that similar to how she felt when Mike got the evidence against her in the premiere? 

Yes, I think there's a level of professional respect for Rachel at that moment. She's not swayed by the words, but she finds it amusing that one of biggest competitor's daughter wants to work for her which is great. What's wonderful about Jessica is that she is pro-woman. 

She does not feel like she needs to undercut or destroy other women just so she can be the only one in the room. I think she admires other women and she certainly admires and respects other powerful women. So, to see Rachel come into her own, I think she thinks it's a hoot. I think she thinks it's great and wants to support that whatever her reasons. 

It took a lot for Rachel to come in there and ask for what she did. And, she did it in a very smart way. She didn't threaten Jessica. She just made a deal. Mike threatened her. Harvey betrayed her, but Rachel just wanted to make a deal. That's how women do business. Let that be a lesson to everybody. It was actually was very well done.

Now that Harvey has Scottie, Louis has Sheila, and Mike and Rachel are together, will Jessica start to feel alone? 

No. She could care less. She's not involved in other people's business. Only to the extent that it involves her business. If any of these relationships pose a threat to the firm, then it's her business.

Every time we talk, I have to ask is Jessica ever going to get a love interest?

It's compelling. That remains to be seen. How much would she change? Would she change at all? I think has everything to do with whoever it is that comes into her life and what is asked of her and whether she's willing, capable, and able to give within a relationship.

Now that it's Pearson Specter, what can we expect going into the last six episodes.

The little mini-cliffhanger is Louis. Will this open the door -- clearly his curiosity is going to be peaked. So we can expect him to dig a little further into why Mike Ross's file is missing from the Harvard archives. 

And, then we have the relationship between Harvey and Scottie taking off and what shape will that take. Will Harvey survive within a relationship? I think people will be curious about that. And, I believe they will be looking at Harvey and Donna through new eyes as well knowing what we all know now.

Suits season 3 will return to USA in 2014.

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