'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Creator Aaron Korsh Breaks Down Season Premiere Shockers
'Suits' Exclusive Interview: Creator Aaron Korsh Breaks Down Season Premiere Shockers
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Suits premiere didn't disappoint. It was full of shockers. I spoke with Executive Producer and Creator Aaron Korsh to get answers regarding the SEC investigation, Jessica's love life, Harvey-Mike showdown, Rachel's secret, and how Louis will react to the firm's new hire.

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One of the big threats facing Pearson Specter this season is the SEC investigation? How will that affect the firm?

It brings a new character into our firm. One way that the SEC investigation affects it right off the bat is, it brings Jeff Malone into the firm, right? Just the fact that we've got this impending investigation, Louis was going to use it to try and get his name on the door, instead the very guy he thought he was going to fight comes in and takes his job. Right of the bat, this SEC investigation has brought a new lawyer in, who's antagonistic to Louis and by the way has had a history with Jessica.

And separately, it's kinda been a cloud hanging over the firm for awhile, then at some point it kicks in. It gives us another new character and more new people to fight and then what we're attempting to do is make it dovetail and kind of crescendo at relatively the same time as this takeover battle. 

I was so excited to see Jessica get a love interest, I know fans have been asking for that. Now that it's crossed over into a workplace romance. Is that going to be a challenge for her?

Sure thing. Aren't they always. [Laughs] Obviously, the question of when is Jessica going to get a love interest has been posed to me over the years by everyone from Gina Torres to my wife. My challenge has been-- Suits is a show about relationships, but not all of them are romantic and it's also a show about the law. The challenge is to give each person their kind of relationship due without overwhelming the story and making it just relationships.

That is why I've sort of spread them out a little bit over time. Donna had her thing, Harvey every once in a while has something, Mike and Rachel have each other, and Louis had his thing. The goal to me is to not stack them all up at the same time or we'd become a little too much soap. Another way to cut against that soap feeling of it, is to make the relationships all have some bearing on, affect by, affect on work. 

Even Louis and Shelia met at the office through Pearson Specter, then Pearson Hardman business. Obviously, Mike and Rachel met together. Even Scottie and Harvey helped each other on cases, and Zoe and Harvey met through the firm. So that seems to be very helpful for me to wrap my mind around how we can explore relationships with people and still feel like Suits.

Harvey and Mike worked so well together, why were they both so obstinate over Mike's idea? Why did they both hold so strong to their position?

First of all, I do believe at the beginning when they're obstinate in their position, it's classic going back to the pilot, Mike is trying to use emotion and caring to convince someone to make a big business decision based on sort of touchy-feely ideas. Harvey, though we have seen Harvey be more emotional than we led to believe in the pilot, still thinks that's bad business and it's never gonna work and it's a bad strategy.

The beliefs that they are holding are consistent with who they are. The reason they won't budge, I think, at first Harvey is a hard guy. He doesn't want to hear that Mike thinks he knows better than him. As soon as Mike makes it look like, "I know better than you," then Harvey's like, "No, you don't."

They get caught up in who's right, because the mentee desperately wants to teach the mentor, "Hey, I'm as good as you are. I'm as smart as you." And, the mentor isn't going to give up that kind of role in their life easily. I think that's why neither one gives up. 

Then, I think Harvey realizes he made a mistake and does want to go and apologize to Mike, but it's too late because Logan-- he has a conflict. By the time Harvey changes his mind, it's too late. And Mike, I think it's just pride. If Mike would have just said, "Ok, you know what, I'll give up on this one battle and I'll do another battle with you, Harvey." If he had just done that. He didn't do it. I think it has to do with pride.

On introducing Rachel's ex-boyfriend

[The writers] had pitched me this one-off episode based on episode 209 when Rachel told Mike that she'd had an affair with a married man. They thought wouldn't it be cool if that man came back and had been a client of the firm. I was like that would be awesome. 

We never got around to doing it as a one-off and I was like what if we combine that one-off idea with that notion Mike's gonna go off on a hostile takeover against Harvey and the guy on the other side is the guy that Rachel used to have an affair with. Once that kind of coalesced then we really knew-- I was very pleased with what's going to happen on the season.

You tweeted that Louis is going to have an emotional Episode 2. We see that Malone is coming in, how is Louis going to react?

I think whatever your guess of how Louis would react is probably right. The irony is that Louis did an amazing job of seeing Malone coming and coming up a plan to go to Jessica. He doesn't implement that plan because he listens to Harvey's off-handed advice about not calling the pretty girl. Harvey even says that Louis didn't have the balls to come in here or didn't have the foresight to see this coming. It's like, but he did have the balls and he did have the foresight, but he changed his mind because of Harvey. It's just so ironic. 

Louis is kinda going to be very upset about that. He's going to have some animosity of Malone and he's going to be somewhat distraught and angry about it. In Episode 2, a little bit with Donna helps, he's gonna have a little emotional blow based on that experience.

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