Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle Set to Leave 'Suits' After 7 Seasons
Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle Set to Leave 'Suits' After 7 Seasons
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Suits may be losing two of is major players. Patrick J. Adams, who stars as Mike Ross, 
and Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane, are reportedly leaving the show after seven seasons. Both actors have been with the USA Network series since 2011. 

According to Deadline, Adams and Markle are not expected to continue as a series regulars in season eight of Suits, which is currently preparing for its second half of season seven. Contracts of both actors are up after season seven so they will have fulfilled their current obligations.

"He was always leaving the show. He made his mind up a while ago," an insider told Us Weekly. "Patrick wants to pursue other things and he's realized his time at Suits has come to an end. They were waiting for Gabriel Macht to sign. He's going back so there will be a season 8 and as of now, 9."

Speculations about Adams' exit has been circulating for some time as the recently married actor contemplates his next move for his career. His exit, along with Markle, who has been in a relationship with the British Prince Harry, makes sense on screen as the wedding between Mike and Rachel takes place most likely in the second half of season seven.

Adams and Markle would be following the footsteps of co-star Gina Torres, who left as a series regular last year but has resurfaced as a guest star on Suits and will soon be starring on her own spin-off. When series creator Aaron Korsh was asked to comment on whether Adams and Markle would return, he didn't confirm nor deny the exit.

"They all have things going on in their lives, we'll see what happens," he told Deadline in September. "This is true on all long-running shows, and people have things happening in their lives. When Gina left, I could not have predicted that the way her life was going. She loved being on the show, and we loved having her on the show, that's why we're doing the spinoff. I would never have guessed that she would want to leave early but she did, and it ended up working out. Even though she left early, look at how often we still see Jessica throughout season six and seven. I'm going to let what happens happens and hope it all works out."

Will you still watch Suits without Mike and Rachel?

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