An Open Letter to 'Suits': I'm Not OK with This Donna Situation
An Open Letter to 'Suits': I'm Not OK with This Donna Situation
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I thought I could trust you, Suits. After a year and a half of incredible characters, intricate writing and constant surprise, I figured we were good. But you have just reminded me that all relationships have their bumps. We've just hit a big one when it comes to the firing of Donna.

Don't get me wrong, Suits. I know that you had to do it. You can't just let characters off with no consequences when they destroy critical documents due to a misguided sense of loyalty. That wouldn't work. I would actually be pretty upset if you took that easy route. You shouldn't be easy -- it's your complications that won my love in the first place.

But Donna, Suits? Did it have to be Donna?

You see, Suits, Donna is one of the best parts of your incredible show. The power-brokers rushing around the offices of Pearson Hardman would be far too self-important and insufferable without Donna to bring them down now and then. The lawyers need her almost as much as the audience does.

Still, maybe you're right, Suits, and maybe I'm wrong. You might have needed to hurt Donna in order to keep the drama and interest as high as you always do. Nothing all season has been better than watching for those tiny cracks in Harvey's smooth facade -- are you planning to break him open fully? That would be great to watch, and losing Donna would certainly do it.

It's just that I'm concerned about the future, Suits. How can Donna return to Pearson Hardman after this? She did do wrong. She got a fair punishment. It would be tough, in reality, for a legal secretary to return to work after this kind of scandal. I know that this show isn't actual reality, but at least the emotions have always been close. That emotional realism is part of why I love you, Suits. But even love can cause confusion. My head spins when I try to envision Donna's return to Pearson Hardman. It terrifies me.

But don't worry, Suits. I think we'll get through this. We have to -- I can't quit you, even if you break my Donna-loving heart. You will do the right thing for Donna and for your audiences. She will come back. It won't be OK, and Donna -- along with everyone else -- will suffer the appropriate consequences of her actions. Maybe Donna won't get to be quite the know-it-all she once was, but that's all right. After all, even Donna might need to get knocked down from self-importance now and then.

We'll be good, Suits. I trust you.

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