'Suburgatory' Season 3 Spoilers: Family Reunions, Dalia's New Love, Noah's Whereabouts and More
'Suburgatory' Season 3 Spoilers: Family Reunions, Dalia's New Love, Noah's Whereabouts and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Suburgatory Season 3 premiered on ABC last week and there were a lot of changes from the second season. At the Television Critics Association press tour last week the cast, including Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines, Carly Chaikin, Ana Gasteyer, Allie Grant and Chris Powell, along with executive producers Emily Kapnek, Patricia Breen and Andrew Guest were on hand to talk about the show's new direction and spill some spoilers about what's coming up this season. 

Here are a few highlights from the panel:

Noah will be back. While Kapnek did admit that they wanted to cut back on some of the characters' stories this season, Noah isn't gone from the show completely. Expect to see him in three episodes this season. 

Expect to meet some new family members. Because the show is concentrating more on the main characters this season, Kapnek promised that fans will learn a lot about their backgrounds. Fans will get to meet Dallas' family and find out where she came from. George's family will also be making an appearance this season. 

Going back to basics. Talking about the journey that George and Tessa took in Season 2, Kapnek said that the father/daughter pair assimilated into their environment. But fans liked it better when the two were against the suburbanites, so they are going back to those original ways. Expect to see George and Tessa as a united front in Season 3. 

Dalia finds a new love. The break-up of George and Dallas hit Dalia hard and she will be searching for a new love this season. She will be finding comfort with... an older man? Some fans might find that surprising considering Dalia admitted to being attracted to a girl last season, but according to Carly Chaikin, Dalia doesn't see things like that. "If she wants to hook up with someone and if it's a guy it's a guy and if it's a girl it's a girl."

Dallas deals with her breakup with George in a unique way. Cheryl Hines called the breakup a "complicated situation" saying that Dallas didn't know what to do once she got everything she wanted. This season Dallas will be "searching for who she is without a man in her life." She will be mad at George, even though she broke up with him and she doesn't want to see him with anyone else. Dallas will ease her sorrow by hiring a matchmaker who will advise her to go on her date with... herself. Fans will also (gasp!) get to see a glimpse of Dallas without her makeup. 

The Shays will have a new child. Now that Ryan is off to college, the Shays are looking for a way to fill that void. Especially Fred, after Sheila buries herself in her work and leaves him feeling neglected. So the family decides to adopt a young boy, giving Fred someone to share his wisdom with again. 

George finds a new friend. With Noah off on his adventure, George needs a new best friend and that role will be filled by, wait for it, Fred. 

Parker isn't gone forever. Though actor Parker Young is now starring in FOX's new comedy Enlisted, he won't be gone from the show completely. Ryan will be back for three episodes, according to EP Andrew Guest. 

Suburgatory airs on Wednesday at 8:30pm on ABC. 

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