'Star-Crossed' Recap: Smuggling the Suvek Out of the Sector
'Star-Crossed' Recap: Smuggling the Suvek Out of the Sector
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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This week on Star-Crossed, a group of the teen characters work to smuggle the Suvek out of the Sector, and Teri does a bit of scheming of her own.

Unlikely Alliance

At the beginning of the episode, Roman and Drake have figured out that the Suvek made it through the explosion, so they need a new plan. They have no proof to bring to the Hwatab about the existence of the Suvek in the first place, so they need help to find a way to stop the Trags from using the weapon.

That's how Grayson gets involved. Drake decides they should go to him for help, although I'm not entirely sure why. He tells the other boy, with Roman and Emery present, that he has some info on the Trags for him, then reveals a little bit about the Suvek. 

Drake and Roman's plan is to steal the Suvek from the Trags and bring it to Gloria, and they explain that they can't go to the SEU for help because there are informants on the inside. Grayson is suspicious of Drake since he used to be a Trag, and Drake and Roman are suspicious of Grayson since he's a "new" Red Hawk, and basically nobody trusts anybody, but Grayson and Emery agree to help.

The Six Smugglers

Emery tells Lukas and Sophia about the situation, and her plan is to smuggle the Suvek out on a symbolic Human/Atrian unity float for the Mardi Gras parade. Drake, Grayson and Roman are there as well, and in total, only the six of them know about the Suvek and the plan to eliminate it as a threat.

Roman pulls Emery away and tells her he's upset with her for getting involved in dangerous stuff again since they broke up to keep her out of danger, but she won't back down. Personally, I'm pretty tired of his whole "I have to protect you!" thing, like the girl can't take care of herself.

Emery tells Roman he needs to trust Grayson, and that if they keep fighting towards real unity for the humans and Atrians, maybe someday they can be back together. I don't really understand why they can't be together now, but whatever.

Tracking the Trags

When the kids get into the Sector with the float, Roman's next move is to go follow the Trags until they lead him to the Suvek, and Emery wants to go with him. It's eventually decided that Grayson will instead, which makes things interesting.

The boys go off and eventually find a Trag, Sargas, in the Markerplace, and track him, all while arguing about stupid crap with each other. Roman spots Teri there, which is surprising to him since she's been missing for several days -- helping to heal his uncle -- but Roman doesn't know that.

The guys continue to be distrustful of each other, but eventually manage to follow Sargas to a warehouse thing where it appears the Suvek is being kept. Step one, complete!

Teri Tends to Castor

Meanwhile, Teri is tending to Castor's wounds, and he tells her how he wants to neutralize the Trags and overthrow the Hwatab entirely. He gives her a bracelet that belonged to Iksen for a long, long time, and tells her he wants her to wear it when she joins him at his side to rule their people. He also compliments her beauty when she puts it on. And eww, I'm sorry, but is she even legal? This whole thing is super creepy.

Teri has also brought Castor a note from his followers, informing him that the Hwatab are going to name Roman the next Iksen after all. Apparently, they actually are okay with his previous relationship with Emery, as it shows he's "open-minded." Again, why can't Roman and Emery just be together already, then?

Castor tells Teri they're going to do great things together, after she remarks that she and Roman had history, but she's looking for someone stronger and wiser. Again, eww. I was over this possible relationship before it even started.

Later, Castor freaks out a little at Teri about how Roman simply cannot become the next Iksen. He doesn't have the "vision" Castor has, you see? He wants to act that night in order to establish his power, but he needs something about the Trags from her in order to move forward. She gives up the fact that the Trags have the Suvek, which he very much appreciates.

Next Steps

Elsewhere, Emery gets the call that Roman and Grayson have found the Suvek, and the next part of their plan can be put into play. Lukas stays with her, but Sophia's job is to go tell security there's going to be an attack in order to cause a distraction. At its heart, it's not a lie, really, is it?

Grayson and Roman are still wandering the Sector, and Roman sees Teri again and confronts her about where she's been. Then he sees the cuff on her wrist, realizes it was last on Castor and becomes upset with her for getting involved with anything Castor is up to. She basically tells him to mind his own business, which I wish people would tell Roman to do more often, and she manages to sneak off when he's distracted.

Drake, on the other hand, goes to tell his mother their plan, hoping to get her assistance. At first, she agrees to help, but then she strangles him from behind until he passes out and ties him to a chair, so that part of the plan didn't work out so much.

When Drake wakes up, his mother tells him Vega had her build in safeguards for the Suvek. One of the security measures? If the Suvek is taken out of the Sector, the weapon will release an electric pulse that will kill anyone within 30 feet. Yikes! So the kids smuggling it out isn't such a great idea after all.

Making The Switch

Vega is warned that the guards have been told there's going to be an attack and are making their way to her greenhouse lair, so the Trags have to move the Suvek. Which is exactly what the teens wanted to have happen. Grayson and Roman are watching nearby, and when the weapon is moved using a dumpster, Grayson calls Emery and tells her to get the decoy dumpster they have to switch out ready.

Drake hasn't yet returned, so they can't really proceed further with the plan, and Grayson and Roman are still sniping at each other while following the dumpster with the Suvek inside. As their arguing gets louder and louder, Atrians nearby stop to listen, so when Emery, Sophia and Lukas approach, everyone is distracted enough for the three to switch out dumpsters and leave. It helps that part of the distraction included Roman punching Grayson in the face.

Saroya's Assistance

Drake's mother tells him she knows of a tunnel they can use to escape the Sector and get to Eljida, but Drake isn't hearing it. He tells her that if anything happens to his friends because he wasn't there to help them, she will lose him for good, because he'll never forgive her.

Saroya cuts Drake from his bonds after that little speech, so ... what exactly was the point of him being tied up then, aside from taking up screen time? Anyway, she tells him to go to his friends, and that she can remotely disable the security measures from the Suvek while he does so. Why wasn't she willing to do that even when he was tied up? Would she have stood by while his friends died? That's rather awful of her.

The Signal

Drake makes it to the others just in time to stop them from driving out of the Sector with the Suvek, but then they're surrounded by Trags. Great timing, guys.

They have to wait for the signal to leave from Saroya, so Drake starts punching some Trags. To do something with that extra time, you know how it is. Roman is attacked in the struggle, and Grayson helps him, then Emery has a gun held to her head in the mayhem.

Just then, Saroya gives the signal -- a flare into the air -- after a quick confrontation with a Trag while she's disabling the Suvek security measures. Back at the float, Emery pepper sprays the guy who has a gun on her, and see? I knew that girl could take care of business all on her own, so there, Roman and Grayson!

The teens all get onto the float and ride it out of the Sector, as jaunty Mardi Gras music plays, and it all seems very celebratory and like everything has gone the best that it could have. But there's still time in the episode, so that's not the end of the drama on Star-Crossed.

Castor's Plan

Meanwhile, Castor tells Teri about his plan to plant phones in the Hwatab's pods that have messages about attacking humans on them, in order to frame them into appearing to be working with the Trags and have them all thrown into the Crate. He'll tell Gloria about the partnership, to cement things.

He shows Teri the Iksen's Key, which can open an Atrian lock, and she asks to put the phones in the pods to prove her worth to him. So he gives her the key, but when she asks whether Roman will be thrown in the Crate as well, he tells her he has other plans for his nephew. Ominous?

Teri uses the key instead to open her pod, and informs her mother of what's going on with Castor. Her mother praises her, then tells her that she knows what has to be done with Castor. Again, ominous I guess? It's really not all that exciting, but the music makes it sound like it should be.

Then Vega is told that the Suvek is missing, since the teens managed to get out of the Sector with her, so I'm sure she and Teri will be involved with that somehow in the final episode this season.

The Aftermath

Outside the Sector, Grayson states that he's going to bring the Suvek to Gloria, and at first Emery wants to go with him, but he says no. That's not at all suspicious, right? Emery suggests that the two boys working together could be the start of a beautiful friendship, and Grayson falls short of laughing in her face at the implication, but does say that's not gonna happen.

When he drives off, Roman and Emery have a moment alone together. For some reason, they stand together with a fence between them, and Roman confesses that all he keeps doing is thinking about kissing her; she says if they started, she'd never want to stop. It's a good thing that fence is there then, because oh boy, imagine the trouble they'd get into otherwise! It sure settles down the teenage hormones nicely!

The Attack

Roman runs off after the non-makeout session, foiled by that pesky fence and all, and runs into Castor on a roof. His uncle proceeds to stab him in the stomach, and Roman rolls off the roof after his uncle monologues at him a bit. He's relatively unscathed by the fall, which doesn't really make sense but, okay, and manages to crawl away. There's a guard nearby, so Castor doesn't go after him.

Teri runs into Castor and sees his bloodied blade, and he tells her he took care of Roman like he said he would. He also reveals that the blade is poisoned, which doesn't bode well for our injured teenaged main character.

She then strokes his arms and whispers sweet nothings to him, until she distracts him enough to stab the guy with his own knife, then leaves him to die! That girl is ice cold -- dang!

Drake's Reveal

When Saroya and Drake make it through the tunnel and out of the Sector, Saroya is ready to go on to Eljida, but Drake won't go with her. He tells her about Taylor, and how he refuses to leave her since she's pregnant with his kid, and she wants to stay with him after the reveal.

But Drake tells her that while he can come and go as he pleases now that he knows about the tunnel, she'll always be trapped if she doesn't leave, so he urges her to go. It's a tearful mother-son goodbye scene, and adds just a bit more humanity to the Drake character.

Back to the Beginning

When Emery gets home, she finds blood on her porch railing and in a trail leading to her barn/shed. When she opens the door, there's a quick flashback to her as a little girl, so it's pretty obvious what's coming next.

Roman is lying on the floor, hurt, and he tells her that when he needed somewhere safe, that's the place he thought of. Emery tells him to stay with her, then crushes a dirty blanket into his wound, which doesn't seem terribly hygienic, but I guess it gets the job done.

And when Grayson stops and gets out of the float, he's attacked from behind by none other than Zoe! Remember that girl? She does a literal victory dance, then drives off with the float, not to mention the Suvek too, and leaves him lying on the ground. He doesn't even have a barn to crawl off to, either.

Will Roman survive being stabbed by his uncle's poisoned knife? We'll have to watch the finale of Star-Crossed, which airs next Monday at 8pm on The CW, to find out!   

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