'Star-Crossed' Recap: Roman and Emery's Secret is Out
'Star-Crossed' Recap: Roman and Emery's Secret is Out
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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During this week's episode of Star-Crossed, Roman learns the truth about what happened in the cockpit the night the Atrian ship crashed, Grayson pieces together memories from the night of his parents' charity ball and Taylor throws a party that leads to a few revelations.

Taylor is throwing what's shaping up to be the party of the year to celebrate a rare meteor shower. So all the teens are making plans about who's going, who isn't, who's going with who -- you know, the usual teen party gossip.

But the real story is about the continuing mystery of the events revealed in the mirzan. Roman uses it to see what Emery saw, regarding the night the Atrian ship crash-landed on Earth, but he's in denial that his uncle is indeed a murderer. Open your eyes, man, the dude is shady.

Castor's Story

Roman goes to Castor for his side of the story, and he claims that what his nephew saw is true -- mostly, anyway. He did shoot the pilot, he admits, but he did so to prevent a mutiny.

According to Castor, Roman's father had ordered the pilot and co-pilot, Drake's mother Saroya, not to land on Earth because it was already inhabited by intelligent life, and they defied him. In killing the pilot, Castor was only trying to protect their people and follow orders, he claims, and Roman believes him.

But Emery isn't so sure. "How well do you really know him?" she asks, after implying that Castor might not be telling the truth. But she tells her Atrian boy toy that it's his family and she's going to stay out of it, only suggesting that he should talk to Saroya himself about the night the ship crashed.

Grayson's Lost Memories

Grayson's storyline in this episode involves trying to figure out what exactly happened the night of his parents' charity ball, when Zoe "disappeared." He confronts Drake about how he got home, and the other boy claims he and Roman dragged him there when he was blackout drunk, partially to repay him for saving him from the Red Hawks at the carnival a few episodes back.

But he's cagey about what he knows about Zoe and where she is, so Grayson stays suspicious. Later, when he goes to Taylor as she's getting ready for her party and asks for her help in figuring out what happened to Zoe -- since Taylor hasn't heard from her best friend either since she was supposedly evicted -- she agrees to help. But only if she'll be back in time to get ready for the party! Girl's got priorities. 

Draylor Drama

Is that the couple name for Drake and Taylor? Well, it works for alliteration, so it is now! Anyway, they hook up again in this episode, but when Drake declines an invite to her fancy party, Taylor is upset with him for shutting her out, and he gets defensive. 

So when Taylor talks with Emery about being "sidelined" by Drake, Emery advises her that she doesn't think you can get close to someone until you're both honest with each other. I guess she feels she's an expert on open relationships now, what with her situation with Roman being so uncomplicated and all. Not.

When Drake doesn't show up to her party but makes an appearance later, Taylor's pissed and goes off on him about wanting more of a relationship with him than just sex. He claims that his mom's reappearance has been tough on him, and having grown up mostly alone, it's hard for him to trust someone else. But if she'll stick it out with him, he's willing to learn to trust another person -- her.

After that confession, Taylor comes clean about looking for clues about Zoe's disappearance with Grayson, and she asks him straight-up if he's a "good guy." Drake answers that he's not, but that she makes him want to be one, before they kiss as the meteor shower plays out overhead. Aww.

Whatever Happened to Zoe?

Speaking of Grayson's search, after he asks Taylor to help him out, they take a ferry over to where his parents live in order to retrace his steps about the missing moments in his mind. After all, that was the last night anyone saw Zoe, he says, but Taylor begs to differ. She reminds him that Drake saw Zoe after that, but Grayson doesn't necessarily believe his story. 

They eventually end up in the field where Drake and Roman had their confrontation with Zoe, while Grayson was mostly unconscious nearby, and he starts to remember what happened. 

Grayson believes something bad happened there involving Drake and is mostly mumbling to himself, so Taylor tells him he's weirding her out and says she's ready to peace out. He tells her he'll find his own way back anyway, but that leaves him plenty of time to draw his own conclusions about what happened that night.

So after Drake and Taylor have their little heart-to-heart, Grayson approaches Drake and tells him he "knows" Drake killed Zoe. He remembers seeing Drake's hands around her neck, and she disappeared soon after, so he thinks he's put two and two together.

"What do you want?" Drake asks him. Grayson merely smirks and says, "I'll let you know." Guess there's more drama to come there, folks!

Saroya's Story

Back to Roman's story in this episode: when he goes to talk to Saroya, she attacks him, and Drake steps in just in time to hear his friend accuse his mother of mutiny. Awkward.

Saroya reveals that she was the one to leave the mirzan at Roman's pod, and why would she try to give it to Roman's father if it proved her guilt regarding the mutiny and crash? No, she claims, she wasn't the one who attempted mutiny -- it was Castor who defied Nox's orders, not her.

Roman tells Emery what he was told and lets her know that he's going to go to the Hwatab, aka the council, to tell them everything. It's a good idea -- at least in theory. 

Vega's Offer

Drake's mom freaks out about not being safe from Castor and his men, and she's running around their pod, paranoid, and babbling to him when Teri shows up at their door. She brings them to her mother, Vega, who asks why Saroya wouldn't have come to her for protection.

Saroya calls Vega and anyone who identifies as a Trag a terrorist, and says that's why she wouldn't have gone to her for help. Vega reveals that Saroya's own son is a Trag as well, and that it was she who got Saroya released from the Crate.

Then Vega makes the other woman an offer -- they need Saroya to build a device that Vega claims will "correct" the imbalance of humans versus Atrians, the Suvek. We don't get any information on what exactly that is, just that it's bad, and Saroya refuses to help her and in turn refuses her protection.

Later, Drake lets his mother know that he's now only pretending to be a Trag, but she's still disappointed in him. She claims she raised her son better than to have joined in the first place, and he retorts that she didn't raise him. Ouch.

Castor Changes His Story

When Roman tries to go to the Hwatab to tell them what he knows, Castor intercepts him and locks him in the room he's in before the younger man can get out. 

Castor then finally tells the truth: the night the ship crashed, there was no guarantee that they would find another inhabitable planet, and their people would die if they didn't land on Earth, or so he claims. So he made the decision to go against his brother's orders and force the landing, despite the pilot's reluctance.

Saroya fought him, of course, and in the struggle they lost control. So really, Castor is the reason the ship crashed and so many Atrians died. Roman is understandably upset by this news and isn't about to thank his uncle, like Castor says he should, but instead says he'll go to his people with the truth.

Emery's Plan

Meanwhile, Emery knows something's up when Roman doesn't show up at Taylor's party, so she convinces Sophia to help her get in to the Sector by claiming she only wants some alone time with her boyfriend. 

So Sophia goes into the Sector and has some face time with the guard at the gates, before pretending to need something off of the bus and going back to give her outfit to Emery. It mostly camouflages the other girl, and since the guard thought he already saw who was underneath the hood, Emery gets in.

She sees Castor talking to a guy with a gnarly-looking weapon, so she knows something is definitely going on. She goes to Teri, Drake and Saroya for help, and Drake and Saroya decide to go after Castor. Emery is charged with protecting the mirzan, but she convinces Teri to go with her to help, too.

The Mirzan or the Crate?

Castor monologues at his captured nephew a bit about integration or dominance being useless goals, and how they could be working towards becoming a sovereign nation instead, as Roman still refuses to give up the location of the mirzan. Castor threatens to have him caught with the weapon Emery saw, which is apparently very illegal and could easily be reason to have Roman thrown in the Crate. 

But just as Castor asks once more whether Roman will choose to give up the mirzan or go to the Crate, Drake and his mother fight their way in. There's a brief skirmish before Castor points the weapon at them and stops the whole thing.

Castor's Plan Foiled

Luckily, Teri and Emery followed at a distance, so after Castor leads the small group out with some guards, she confronts him and says she'll bring him to the mirzan, if he'll let the three captives go. Castor has her bring him to the location first, of course, and who should happen to be there but Vega!

Teri's mother tells Castor that she saw what was on the mirzan, and that if he wants it, he'll have to release Drake, Saroya and Roman. Castor agrees, and wanders off to be all evil and fight another day, I guess.

Roman apologizes to Drake for doubting his mother, and thanks the other boy for saving him. But Drake tells him he should be thanking Emery; Emery, on the other hand, thanks Teri for getting her mother and the Trags involved, but Teri says she didn't do it for Emery. Of course she didn't, she's not exactly BFF's with the girl.

Sophia Makes Her Move

At Taylor's party, she vents a bit to Sophia in the hot tub about boys, and Sophia takes it the wrong way and leans in to kiss the other girl. Taylor lets her down very gently, saying she's tried the girl-on-girl thing and it wasn't for her, and lets her friend know she's into someone else anyway. Poor Sophia. But I think we all suspected it would end that way.

Also, does anyone else care where Julia is? Just me?

A Relationship Revealed

Just as Roman and Emery are settling in to watch the meteor shower, and he admits that they're better together than apart, a new problem arises in their secret relationship.

Right after they kiss and get cozy for the show, a video starts playing in the sky, with Castor's voice accompanying it. The video includes shots of the two kissing, and Castor tells everyone in the sector that their future Iksen's "interests" lie elsewhere, claiming that Roman is clearly not dedicated to his people if he's willing to shack up with a human girl.

Saroya's Proposal

Teri sees the video, then asks her mother why they didn't just take Castor out when they could. "We need him alive," Vega claims, and right after, Saroya walks in. She makes her own offer to Vega: "I'll build your Savek," she agrees, but only if she and Drake are protected. 

After, Teri asks what exactly a Savek is -- I'm wondering too, I think we all are -- and all Vega will say is that it's the last weapon the Atrians will need against the humans. Vague answer is vague, jeez.

Hopefully, more will be revealed in next week's episode.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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