'Star-Crossed' Recap: Has the Suvek Been Destroyed?
'Star-Crossed' Recap: Has the Suvek Been Destroyed?
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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This week on Star-Crossed, Roman and Drake make plans to eliminate the threat of the Suvek, Taylor thinks she's got a bun in the oven and there's a typical high school dance.

Winter Blast Prep

While the decorations for the upcoming Winter Blast dance are being set up early in this week's episode of Star-Crossed, Roman and Emery run into each other and it's super awkward, since they recently broke up. After being together for all of five minutes or so. 

Julia has the exact same feelings I do on the situation, bringing up to Emery that she and Roman took all that time to get together and then broke up 10 seconds later. I knew I liked that girl. 

Anyway, she begs Emery to go to the dance, even though she'll be flying solo, because every year a new student is asked to sing at the festivities and Taylor has chosen Julia. Julia, on the other hand, will not be going as a single lady, because just then Eric asks her to go with him and she agrees. Yay!

Diffusing the Danger

Meanwhile, Drake and Roman are working on finding out more about the Suvek and how to destroy it. Teri won't reveal anything to Roman, so Drake decides to try to follow his mother to try and figure out what's up, since she's working on the mysterious device.

When Roman goes to the Hwatab about Castor being a traitor, in an attempt to warn them about his uncle's dangerous ways, they won't believe him because he has no witnesses and no evidence. Apparently, Castor destroyed the mirzan that exposed his treachery, so all the council has to go on is Roman's word. And since Castor has convinced their people that Roman isn't to be trusted since he didn't tell them about his relationship with Emery, his word isn't worth much.

But it's decided that Castor is to remain Iksen after all, although the council promises to look into Roman's allegations. Which is a political way of saying, "Thanks for your time, but we don't really care to do anything about this."

Taylor's Little Secret

When Sophia catches Taylor crying in her car, she sees that the blonde girl's tears are glowing. Apparently, the only time that happens is when an Atrian woman is pregnant. So guess who might be knocked up on Star-Crossed?!

Sophia tells Emery, then Emery tells Taylor about Sophia's suspicions. The three girls then do a web search and find a whole lot of crazy, fake information about human/Atrian pregnancies, and it's generally not helpful and mostly just weirds Taylor out.

Turns out, looking up such sensitive information in public? Maybe not the best idea. After the three leave, mostly because Taylor wants to and the other two girls don't want her to cry again, the old Red Hawk Bible-thumper Vartan looks at their web history and jumps to the wrong conclusion: he thinks Emery is pregnant, not Taylor.

The New Red Hawks

Elsewhere, Grayson has started up a new version of the Red Hawks, devoted to stopping the Trags. Vartan confronts him, but when he threatens Emery, Grayson tells the other man to back off. He's not about to be in league with someone who would hurt his sort-of ex, I guess.

Later, Emery and Grayson talk, and Grayson wants Emery's help in getting information about the Trags. But Emery tells him that she'd be of little aid, since she and Roman broke up, and this obviously gives Grayson some hope, since his dream girl is no longer with her preferred beau. 

When Vartan draws the wrong conclusion about Emery, he goes to Grayson about it and freaks out at the younger boy about the Atrian's "plan" to colonize them by impregnating their women. Grayson flips on him again and tells him to stay away from Emery, or else. I guess it's supposed to be scary, but I don't really understand what Vartan has to fear from a rich, teenage boy.

Grayson later asks Emery if she is, in fact, pregnant, and she says she absolutely isn't. She's pissed at him for asking, and tells him that if he had wanted her help getting information on the Trags, that wasn't the way to get it. She has a point.

Secrets in the Sector

Meanwhile, Drake and Roman are still trying to figure out how to get rid of the Suvek, and Drake tries to follow his mother to where she's working on it. She catches him and tells him he needs to trust her, but won't tell him anything more than that.

After Drake tells Roman he didn't get anything out of his mom, Roman is walking in the Sector and someone plants a grenade on him. He realizes just in time, and throws his jacket to a dumpster just as it goes off. Looks like luck is on his side in this episode.

Vega tasks her daughter, Teri, with getting the Iksen's Key for the Suvek, but when Teri goes to Castor's place to find it, she gets caught. But Castor appeals to the side of Teri that feels her mother is treating her like any other soldier and offers her a place on his side, using her talents for his cause instead, before letting her leave without punishment.

When Roman and Drake discuss the explosive attack, Roman states that the grenade was the same one given to them earlier by Castor to destroy the stash of black cyper. They figure out that if they find Castor's stash of explosives, they can use it to blow up the Suvek, which Drake now knows is in the greenhouse Teri and her mother frequent. 

And the whole thing will look like it was Castor's fault. Not only will the Suvek be eliminated, but Castor will probably be imprisoned for a long time.

The Explosion

Roman has his mother distract Castor while he and Drake go looking for Castor's stash of explosives, and they find Castor's hidden room containing the weapons very quickly. But Teri sees their break-in through a camera in Castor's pod, so they didn't totally get away with sneaking in without a witness.

The plan is to have the dance be Drake and Roman's cover, since it appears all the teens are going. But when Castor realizes someone has been in his secret room, he finds Roman before the boy leaves and says he thinks his nephew has something that belongs to him. Roman tries to run, but Castor grabs him and the jacket that he thinks the missing explosives are in. When Roman runs off, Castor finds that he just had cans in the jacket. Curses! Foiled again!

Just then, the warehouse/greenhouse explodes nearby, so it looks like Drake and Roman were able to plant the explosives like they planned. It also looks like Castor is in a lot of trouble.

The Winter Blast

After another dance decoration set-up scene in which Taylor reveals that she still really likes Drake, and that the Atrian/human sex was great (to which Emery replies that she wouldn't know!), the Winter Blast finally takes place. Emery and Lukas are in attendance together (I personally think this show needs more Lukas), as are Julia and Eric.

But Eric blows it off to go drink with some buddies on the bleachers, so Julia is left to perform without her date in the audience. And after a bit of joking between Sophia and Taylor and an apology on Taylor's part, the blonde girl goes onto the stage and introduces Julia to the crowd before her song.

Drake and Roman show up just before the performance, and Taylor briefly sees Drake in the crowd. Then she steps off for Julia to take the stage, and the other girl starts her song very quietly and nervously, so she's off to a bad start.

But then Eric starts singing along from the crowd, in some sort of weird Glee-worthy moment, and the two duet for a few lines before Julia triumphantly finishes her performance. It's cute, if a little silly. 

Emery is watching from the audience, but she's soon approached from behind by Vartan, who has a knifepoint at her back. He leads her away from the dance, telling her her baby is an abomination and that he's going to take her to a doctor to confirm his suspicions about the pregnancy. 

She's quickly rescued by Grayson, however, and a few of his New Red Hawks. Vartan is arrested, and Grayson asks Emery if she wants him to take her home, but she isn't ready to give up on the night just yet.


Eric tells Julia that he'd rather hang out with her at some lame dance than with his loser buddies, and I guess she finds that romantic because they kiss on the dance floor. They're not the only ones making emotional confessions at the dance, either.

Taylor pulls Drake away from Roman to tell him about the pregnancy, but tells him she doesn't actually need anything from him, she just wanted him to know, before running off. When Drake quietly freaks out to Roman, Roman tells him that despite everything, he doesn't regret his interspecies relationship with Emery, and tells his friend to go after the girl.

Drake finds Taylor, telling her that he still wants to be with her, and that no matter what, he'll be there for her. I think it'll be a bit more complicated than that, since the Atrians can't even leave the Sector after curfew, so late-night pregnancy woes might be out of his sphere of influence, for example, but I guess they'll figure it out. They kiss, and it looks like all is well again in Draylor land. I mean, as well as they can be now that they're supposedly expecting and all.

Castor Under Attack

Vega is super mad about the explosion and tells off Teri for letting it happen. She vows that Castor will pay for destroying their sacred greenhouse place, since it appears that he was the one who committed the act, and she won't believe Teri's statement that it wasn't the Iksen.

When Castor is walking in the Sector later, someone shoots at him with some sort of dart, and Teri just barely rescues him. She then helps him clean his wound, and when he asks why she's helping him, she won't answer. I get a weird vibe from the scene, but I guess we'll have to see where the writers are taking this.

Emery's Agreement

After Grayson rescues her, Emery agrees to help out the New Red Hawks, as she believes that their cause will help the Atrians to be free. 

So she attends a meeting of the newly reorganized group, and Roman just happens to be watching nearby. Because he always seems to be creeping on her for some reason. He's there at just the right moment to hear her say she's joining their cause, because of course he is. Because what that relationship needs is even more drama. 

The Fate of the Suvek

Finally, Roman's mother tells her son that the Hwatab has revoked Castor's right to rule, so that part of the plan worked. He asks if the Suvek was destroyed, and she confirms that it was, before they share a sweet mother/son moment and hug.

But is the Suvek gone? According to a final scene, when Drake's mother and Vega are chatting about it, it made it through the explosion. And in just days, they plan to introduce it to the world.

What's going to happen now that the Suvek is still around? There's just a few episodes of Star-Crossed left in this season, so I guess we'll find out soon!

Star-Crossed airs every Monday night at 8pm on The CW.

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