'Star-Crossed' Interviews: Cast and Executive Producers on Changing Allegiances, Dangerous Trags, and Complicated Romance
'Star-Crossed' Interviews: Cast and Executive Producers on Changing Allegiances, Dangerous Trags, and Complicated Romance
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Star-Crossed has upped the stakes for both the Humans and the Atrians throughout the season. As the Integration Program has brought the two group of teens closer together through friendships and romances, the extremist groups have become a greater threat.

At Wondercon last weekend, the executive producers and cast spoke with journalists about what's coming up over the last few episodes of season 1 leading into the finale which they promise is "huge" and "explosive."

Check out the video interviews with the Executive Producers Meredith Averill and Adele Lim, plus the cast including: Malese Jow (Julia), Jesse Luken (Eric), Natalie Hall (Taylor), Greg Finley (Drake), Brina Palencia (Sophia), Titus Makin Jr (Lukas), Victoria Gabrielle Platt (Gloria) and Chelsea Gilligan (Teri).

Executive Producers Meredith Averill and Adele Lim Interview

Highlights from the interview
  • Some of the characters who have been on opposites sides will start working together for a common goal towards the end of the season.
  • Identifying the enemy within and without. 
  • Drake and Grayson's relationship started out as an antagonistic. They end up coming to an understanding by the finale.
  • The finale is "massively explosive." They can't oversell it.
  • The characters get their power from their individual cause or relationship. Where is their heart?
  • Jane Espenson broke down many of the barriers for women in sci fi. They don't see it as an issue any more.
  • They may focus more on romance and sexual tension. 
  • Emery is their bad ass even though she's a human.
  • The Vega character was originally written as a male character, but they decided to make it a female. Merle Dandridge came in and was amazing. They didn't change the name or anything when they cast her.
  • The women are tough and dangerous. 
Malese Jow and Jesse Luken Interview

Highlights from the interview
  • They don't see Bruce again. No more car fixing.
  • There is a school dance coming up. Eric and Julia's relationship continues to grow.
  • "It's hard for Eric to get out of his own way. He's a dickhead." - Luken
    "If anyone's going to pull him out of that -- It's Julia. Miss Optimistic. Ray of sunshine." - Jow
  • "You do crazy things for love."
  • Jow doesn't think that Julia is dealing with a bad boy. 
  • The characters are opposites, but that's the mystery of love. They're opposites.
  • Julia and Eric start to learn more about each other's past. He finds out about Julia's previous illness.
  • Julia continues to be pro-Atrian. Eric continues to follow Julia around while she's trying to help the Atrians and stay alive.
Natalie Hall and Greg Finley interview

Highlights from the interview:
  • There will be complications coming for Taylor and Drake's relationship. In episode 10, they had problems and they get worse in episode 11. There are obstacles.
  • "Atrian-Human thing is a big part of it." - Finley
  • Someone comes in and complicates it. Plus, they are two teenagers. 
  • "They are out and being sassy with each other." - Hall
  • When they come together ... "it's like bam."
  • Drake's no longer with the Trags. He's done with them, but they're not done with him. 
  • Drake and Roman work together to save the world.
  • Drake and Taylor symbolize the success of the integration program. Have to see how people will react when certain things come out. 
  • Drake doesn't fear anything. He's going to do what he wants to do.
  • "The Trags are no joke. And you'll see that in the next few episodes." - Finley
  • "Vega's whipping some stuff up."
  • The Trags  are a lot more powerful than the Red Hawks. 
Brina Palencia and Titus Makin Jr. Interview

Highlights from the interview
  • Sophia and Lukas will  team up to fight some sci-fi drama. 
  • "The Wonder Twins."
  • Relationships get complicated since Sophia's interested in Taylor and Lukas has feelings for Sophia.
  • Sophia and Lukas are "the most rockiest" regarding who they'll end up with.
  • Roman and his mother get closer, but Sophia doesn't build much more with her mother.
  • They were able to sit down with the creator, Meredith Averill, to discuss their characters. Palencia asked for more back story with Sophia's father. She had the monologue about how her father taught her to swim.
  • In the sector, part of the upper levels of the buildings are added in post-production.
  • "There is definitely more Trag and Red Hawk action happening." - Palencia
  • "The finale is huge." - Palencia

Victoria Gabrielle Platt and Chelsea Gilligan interview

Highlights from the interview
  • A lot of action and revelations coming over the next few episodes. 
  • "The stakes get raised when you realize -- 'Oh my gosh, this person is what?'" - Platt (Hmm... who could she be referring to?!?)
  • Gloria's intention is to get the integration program working across the world so she can be reunited with her son.
  • Teri wants her mother's love and to be acknowledged as her daughter.
  • "Mama Vega is scary so who knows if she'll get that." - Gilligan
  • "Teri isn't stupid." She realizes it's not going to happen with Teri and Roman, but she's not going to stop trying. She's going to get revenge.
Star-Crossed airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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