Exclusive Interview with the Stars of Sons of Hollywood
Exclusive Interview with the Stars of Sons of Hollywood
Ever wonder what it’s like to be the off-spring of an icon?  Well now you can follow Randy Spelling, son of the late Aaron Spelling and Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart, as they live the Hollywood life with their manager and friend David Weintraub on their new show Sons of Hollywood on A&E.  The three friends took time from their busy schedule to talk to BuddyTV about the making of this reality series, losing big in Vegas and what is up next for the boys in coming episodes.

BuddyTV: You three have been friends for a while, what made you want to do a reality series now?

Randy Spelling: I wanted to clear up misconceptions about who I am as I’ve found that having a famous last name there are certain stereotypes associated with that and I wanted to put a face, personality and heart behind my last name.

Sean Stewart: I did it purely for the girls. No, in all seriousness, I also thought it was a good vehicle to heighten my visibility and help me to launch my music career.

David Weintraub: We wanted to show the ups and downs that are associated with living and working together in Hollywood through the eyes of three friends: a young actor, a young musician and a young agent-turned-manager.

Randy, after your sister Tori had her own series, did that prompt you to want to do television as well or have you always had that desire?

Randy Spelling: I started acting right around the time that Tori got 90210 and I’ve been passionate about it ever since. I am still pursuing acting but I am really looking forward to eventually making the move behind the camera as well. When I was young I used to say I wanted to be just like my dad but instead of saying producer I would walk around saying “I want to be a reducer.”

Sean, the theme song for the show, did you write that specifically for the series or is that a part of a larger album you are working on?

Sean Stewart: I wrote “The In Crowd” for the show and wanted to make a song that had the tone of what is shown in the show. I am working on my album which hopefully you will see this year or next.

There is some tension between Randy and Sean during the premier episode. Is that drama a result of being surrounded by cameras or is your relationship really like that?

Randy Spelling: I think when you are living in such close proximity with two of your best friends there is bound to be some drama.

David Weintraub: The drama that occurred in Vegas was a result of Sean loosing money and taking it out on
Randy and us all spending a lot of time together. As you know in every relationship there are ups and downs...but in the end boys will be boys...

David, did you pick up the tab for your Vegas vacation?

David Weintraub: Of course I picked up the tab.  I wanted the boys to have some rest and relaxation.  Sometimes they take care of me and sometimes I take car of them, it’s family.

Can you talk a bit about Erin and Jen; their role in your lives and what their role will be like on the show?

David Weintraub: Erin and Jen are friends of ours who work in the entertainment industry and they are also my clients. While they don’t necessarily play a huge role in the season you will be seeing more of them on the small screen in the near future.

Sean, how much money did you actually loose in Vegas?

Sean Stewart: I lost $4,000. I was upset but what can you do? That’s how it happens sometimes when you roll the dice. 

Randy, we see a glimpse of your relationship with your late father, will that continue throughout the series?

Randy Spelling: There is a glimpse into my relationship with my father however unfortunately he did pass away while we were filming. What you will see is how hard it was for me to deal with his passing and what our relationship was through my eyes, how much I miss him and how he will always be an influence on my life.

Will we get to see your respective families in future episodes?

Randy Spelling: Yes you will certainly see my family in upcoming episodes.

Sean Stewart: You see my mom, dad and siblings throughout the series, they were all really supportive.

David Weintraub: There is a special episode toward the end of the series where you will see our three families come together – I won’t tell you the specifics but you’ll have to tune-in!

What is coming up next?  Can we expect to see movie auditions for Randy and an album being cut for Sean?

David Weintraub: You will see more auditions and castings for Randy as well as some possible projects in discussion for production and you will see Sean working on his voice and music as he takes steps to get his first record produced. As for me you will see my day-to-day job of managing actors and musicians and how that side of the business works.

(Interview Conducted by Cameron Curtis)