[Video] 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Preview: Jax Seeks Revenge
[Video] 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Preview: Jax Seeks Revenge
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Violence is inevitable on Sons of Anarchy but it looks like fans will have to brace themselves for the most brutal season yet. Based on the latest trailer, which debuted over at IMDb, there's no stopping Jax as he fights for his club and seeks revenge for the woman he loves. 

The video captures the tone of the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy-- which is essentially dark, depressing and destructive. The tragic events of last season has clearly pushed Jax over the edge and it just gets more complicated from here on.

Here are the highlights from the teaser:
  • Patterson tells Jax: "The desire for revenge is a part of grieving. In my world, violent desires will never become real. In yours, it's a very likely outcome."
  • Wendy's out of rehab and holding Thomas.
  • Jax tells the boys: "I already lost the woman I love. I'm not gonna lose my club."
  • Juice appears devastated and alone.
  • Keepin' our truth away from him is the right thing to do." -Gemma
  • According to Jax, he doesn't have a vision anymore.
  • A crying Gemma seeks comfort in Nero.
  • Jax: "I need to know that every single one of you would die for the man next to him."
  • Chibs: "We're all in brother."
  • Jax fires a shot.
The final season of Sons of Anarchy premieres Tuesday, September 9 at 10/9c on FX.

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