Sons of Anarchy: To Retaliate or Not?
Sons of Anarchy: To Retaliate or Not?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Sometimes revenge is not the best solution. Or is it? That seems to be main argument in "Smite," the title of the fifth episode of Sons of Anarchy's second season. After last week's tension-filled feud between Jax and Clay, the rivalry between these two characters has apparently become more subtle yet the wound is deeper than ever.


It's nice to see Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter again but it's unfortunate that his character Otto, a SACMRO member in jail, has become a target of the League. He gets attacked by a white separatist gang and loses an eye in the process. Once again, this triggers another dispute between Clay, who wants to retaliate against the Aryans immediately, and Jax, who sees the Aryans' move against Otto as a ploy and wants to wait and carefully think their move. Of course, this forces the rest of SAMCRO to reveal their allegiances no matter how torn and confused they may be. Bobby votes in Jax's favor and Clay realizes that he is slowly losing the club to Jax.

The Law

I've always found Chief Unser fascinating and his revelation to Hale about Gemma's rape proves that there's even more interesting layers to uncover with this character. Unser obviously confides in Hale to show just how evil Zobelle is in attempt to steer him away from the Aryan's camp. And this demonstrates just how loyal Unser is to SAMCRO.


Why can't Gemma just confide in someone? She's obviously still suffering from the aftermath of her gang rape. It also doesn't help that she keeps seeing the men responsible for the horrible deed, not to mention the young woman who got her abducted in the first place ---which is later revealed to be Zobelle's daughter. What a wicked family!

Sons of Anarchy sure knows how to push all the right buttons with non-cheesy emotionally driven scenes and action-packed plots. But the best part though is that it knows how to leave viewers hooked and wanting more as it wraps up with an explosion in the club's garage that has seemingly left Chibs for dead.   

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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