'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale Video Preview: 'J'ai Obtenu Cette' Means 'I Got This'
'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale Video Preview: 'J'ai Obtenu Cette' Means 'I Got This'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Sons of Anarchy season 5 finale is less than a week away and the anticipation grows with each moment. Jax put a plan into motion to get SAMCRO out of the gun and drug business, but that meant getting mixed up with some serious and deadly people. Jax has proven many times to be ept at putting together and pulling off a manipulative plan. Will he be successful this time? 

Who will be alive on the other side? Will Jax kill his rivals? Or, will they get the better of SAMCRO? We will have to wait a bit longer for those answers, but FX has released a trailer for the finale to be analyzed.

Check out the trailer for "J'ai Obtenu Cette," which translates from French to "I Got This."

Here are some highlights from the video:

  • Someone hands another a gun. They are both wearing gloves and at least one of them isn't wearing a cut. Could the blue sweatshirt mean that one of them is Jax?
  • Tara says she is leaving Charming and taking her sons with her. 
  • She signs some paperwork.
  • Gemma tells Tara you're "not taking my family" and Tara grabs her neck. Wow.
  • Clay tells Juice he didn't have a choice, but Juice disagrees.
  • The gun sits on a table and money exchanges hands. Related?
  • "You had a chance to be different." -- Bobby
  • "Maybe I'm not so different." -- Jax
  • Tara has a look of horror on her face at something.
  • Jax takes Tig somewhere and pulls a gun on him.
This trailer doesn't give much away, but it definitely looks to be another intense 90 minute Sons of Anarchy episode. 

The official "J'ai Obtenu Cette" pictures show a few scenes not in the trailer. You can check them out below, including a glimpse into what the mysterious Lee Toric will be up to.

The Sons of Anarchy finale airs Tuesday, December 4 at 10 pm ET on FX.

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(Image and video courtesy of FX.)