'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5 Premiere Preview
'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5 Premiere Preview
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The long wait for more Sons of Anarchy ends tonight with the season 5 premiere, "Sovereign." When we last saw SAMCRO, Jax had taken his seat at the head of the table as President after letting Clay live. 
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The premiere picks up after a short time jump. SAMCRO is dealing with the aftermath of Clay's shooting, Tig's attack on Laroy, and their deal with the cartel. 

Clay is out of the hospital and struggles with his new reality. But, as always, he tries to manipulate the truth and situation to his favor. How will he be able to remain relevant when he has hurt those around him?

The biggest threat to SAMCRO and new big bad for season 5 looks to be Damon Pope (Harold Perrineau), a gangster from Oakland. When Tig retaliated for Clay's shooting, he didn't kill Laroy, but instead his girlfriend, Pope's daughter. 

Another potential threat comes from the CIA through Romero Parada and Luis Torres. Their pressure on Jax to continue SAMCRO's role in gun trading between the Irish and the cartel will be a careful balancing act. Jax has already spared Clay's life to save the club, what other compromises will he make for SAMCRO?

Sons of Anarchy has never shied away from violence and killings. "Sovereign" has plenty of both, including one heartbreaking scene that could be the most horrific of all. It sets a dark tone for season 5 and one without limits.

The main theme of Sons of Anarchy has always been family, both by blood and by patch. That will continue this season. Jax, Tara, and the boys are a precious sight to see and stronger than ever. In contrast, Opie is struggling with the loss he has suffered due to the club. Now that Gemma has left Clay, where will she fit both in her family and in the club?

"Sovereign" was an eye-opening premiere that sets up complex situations for SAMCRO. Will Jax be able to lead the club through these turbulant times? 

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