Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 Premiere Preview
Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 Premiere Preview
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Tonight marks the return of Sons of Anarchy, picking up in the wake of Donna's death with the club now seemingly divided. At this point, it's going to be difficult for Samcro to return to the way things were but our favorite leather-clad men will have to figure out a way protect the club's livelihood and ensure that their sheltered town of Charming remains exactly the way it is. Unfortunately, there's a new gang in town who won't stop at nothing until they get what they want.

Last season, we were given an introduction to the motorcycle club's background and its notorious members. We also saw Hamlet undertones as Sons of Anarchy put the spotlight on the club's leader Clay and his protective wife Gemma, who mirrors the king and queen of the classic tragedy, as well as Gemma's son Jax, vice president of the club who is likely to inherit the throne but whose love for the brotherhood is tested by his growing apprehension for its lawlessness thanks to the birth of his newborn son and the discovery of a life-altering journal written by his father years ago.

As we kick off season 2 tonight with the episode "Albification," Samcro deals with the repercussions from last season's mess where Clay ordered to put a hit on Opie after the ATF made it look like he was an informant. But as you all know, the hit went awry because Opie's wife, Donna, was killed instead just before Clay found out that Opie was not the traitor.

But the brotherhood's accord isn't the only thing on Clay's mind this season. He's also going to set up a new gun deal with the IRA, and face the fact that a white separatist group has come to town to force Sons to stop selling guns as they threaten more than just Samcro's control over Charming.

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