'Sons of Anarchy' Review: SAMCRO Mourns Another
'Sons of Anarchy' Review: SAMCRO Mourns Another
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Jax and Clay's relationship seems beyond repair now more than ever and the events that transpire in this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy make all SAMCRO's holes even deeper. The rest of the club members are well aware that something has to be done to make things right, however, various legal and shady businesses have separated them further into different corners.

Jax, Bobbie and Opie pay a visit to rival porn producer Georgie Caruso after learning that someone stole some cameras in Luanne's porn studio. They successfully retrieve the stolen equipment but not before Caruso gives them some serious threats against the club.

After the dealing with the porn break-in, Jax and his men pay the One-niners a visit only to find a group of Mayans. They try to make their escape but to no avail as the Mayans take them hostage. Meanwhile, Clay, Tig and Half-Sack have their hands full as they try to retrieve the guns from Weston. Unfortunately, Clay's timing sucks because a shootout ensues when a group of Aryans arrive, forcing Clay and his men to retreat.

At then hospital, we meet Chibs' wife whom Gemma describes as scary. "I'm only scared of three women," Gemma says. "My mother, my third grade math teacher, and that Irish bitch." What could she possibly have done to make Gemma feel that way? We'll probably find out in the coming episodes but for now, let's leave it to Gemma, who knows why it's important to keep her away from Chibs.

After being released from the Mayans, Jax and his crew meet up with Clay and his crew at Gemma's for dinner. Gemma thinks that a little get together will fix everything but deep inside she knows it's not going to happen. And we get that validation when Hale arrives to bring in the bad news that Luanne's body has been found and she's been beaten to death. It's bad enough that Bobbie and Tig are butting heads in defense of their whereabouts earlier that day because Clay thinks that Jax and his crew abandoned them while they were engaging in a gunfight, but the news about Luanne's death has fueled these guys to argue some more. And while all that bickering is happening, Clay puts the blame on Jax, who in turn says the one sure thing that would ignite Clay's fury: "I'm not the one who kills women!"

Gemma attempts to quell all the fighting by smashing some plates, reminding us that she's still the matriarch of this club. The episode ends with a ceasefire though the silence only assures us that our favorite motorcycle club may be separated for good.

Next week: Jax brings up Donna's death again, disregarding Clay's threat to kill him if he ever mentioned it again. What do you think will happen?

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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