'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Does Clay Retake the Sons?
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Does Clay Retake the Sons?
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
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Sons of Anarchy successfully delivers another 90-minute tour de force with "To Thine Own Self." Many shows lag when extending their run time, but here everything moves with a satisfying tempo. Otto's stab-happy antics have unexpected results, while SAMCRO's cartel connection satisfyingly concludes. Oh, and people get shot. Lots of people.
Can You Hear Me Now, Mr. Delaney?

It's clear Otto hopes brutally killing his hospital nurse will blow back on Tara. He probably didn't plan on getting viciously beaten in retribution, though. That's exactly what happens when some mysterious stranger (wonderfully played by Donal Logue of Terriers) arrives at his cell door. After asking "Can you hear my voice, Mr. Delaney?" in a tone that's twenty different kinds of creepy, he shows Otto the fun end of a night stick. Ouch.

Old Habits Die Hard, Kill Harder

Nero's got problems too when his old gang shows up. Unhappy with his relocation, they demand the Sons supply them guns as repayment. Jax agrees, but gets ambushed by Nero's former associates while delivering the firearms. Luckily when you're selling illegal weaponry, you aren't caught unarmed. One of Sons of Anarchy's best action sequences ensues. I can't decide which I like better, that rickety station wagon flipping over multiple times or Happy's gleeful violence.

If Tara witnessed these fireworks, it would only strengthen her resolve to leave Charming. Not like it's not strong enough already, as she takes the pediatric surgery gig in Providence. This could prove important later. If Tara and the kids go, Jax will become completely unhinged with nothing left to lose.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

When Juice finds proof of Clay's treachery, Jax rides to confront the club's Judas. Suddenly, Jax is kidnapped by unknown Mexican attackers. Assuming his ex-crew is behind this abduction, Nero goes into full on gangster mode. Unfortunately it's only after murdering two men he discovers they weren't involved.

It's actually the Galindo Cartel holding Jax. Finally we learn his plan to get the club out of gun and drug running. The Mayans will take over muling coke, while Chinese gangsters supply guns straight from Hamas. Guess this episode was written before things got weird in Palestine. The Cartel leaders agree, and it looks like this chapter in SAMCRO's history is almost finished. 

Not Over Yet

Well, done except for dealing with Clay. That's going to be harder as he's hidden the damning evidence again while Jax was in time-out. He's also found an unlikely ally in Bobby, who's tired of all this internal strife.

That's going to make things interesting next episode, along with how Otto's mystery attacker is last seen following Tara out of the hospital. That makes it seem like this guy was close to the murdered nurse. How else could he know of Tara's involvement?

All of the club's members cheated death this week, but may not be so lucky next time. Jax wants Clay's blood more than ever, and with the Cartel situation out of the way Tig's not safe either. If Pope doesn't get Tig's head, the Sons may make another powerful enemy. This week's Sons of Anarchy is great, and the next episode can't get here soon enough. Who kicked the most ass in "To Thine Own Self"? Comment and let us know, and make sure to download the free BuddyTV app to keep up with this awesome show.

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