'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
"I do what I always do. Protect my family," announces Gemma early in this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy. But with Wendy in town, and Opie on the loose out to kill Gemma, she has a lot on her plate. When Unser tells her that he told Opie that Clay killed Piney (still with me?) she urges him to find Opie and prevent him from killing Clay. Why? Because she's trying to protect what took her "twenty goddamn years to build."

Two episodes ago, she proclaimed that that Clay is going to die at the "hands of a son." What happened to that plan? Quite obviously she's playing a long con of some sorts. And that kiss she gives Clay later in the episode? Seemed more like a kiss of death to me.

Club Business

Otto finally signs those papers confessing all kinds of mischief he and the Club have done. And then let's Bobby read the list. At first, he doesn't know what he's reading and why. But it dawns on him pretty quickly when he is arrested right at the prison. "You rat!", he yells. "Time to start your own list, Bobby!" retorts Otto in a calm manner. Lincoln Potter, for his part, looks kind of sad that this affair is now over and done with.

Luck of the Irish?

The Irish arrive. They are not amused by all the bloodshed since Clay got into bed with the cartel. They a worried that a massive deal like the one planned might result with the guns being used north of the boarder. Which might blow back on the "cause." And no one wants that. At least not the Sons. But anyway, no one anticipated that Juice might rat on them to Lincoln Potter. Which he does. So let the games begin...

Family Business

So Tara finally tells Jax that his favorite ex-wife Wendy is back in town and wants to see her kid. "They're my boys!", says Tara menacingly. Then alpha male supreme Jax storms off to confront Wendy. He tells her to stay away from Abel and from Tara but she threatens to sue for custody should he block her out. After all, she is the most stable adult in the kid's life, in her opinion. And she might have a point there.

Settled Score?

Opie can't believe that Jax didn't know Clay killed Piney. "You're Clay's boy!" Opie accuses him. Then Clay's boy urges Opie to bring the matter "to the table," since it's club business. "What table? You're out, remember?" And then Opie proceeds to shoot Jax's tires so he can't tail him while he zips off to kill Clay. And (spoiler alert!) he at least gets to shoot Clay in the end. But did he kill him?

What do you think? Is the show going through with it? And if yes, was that climatic scene satisfying to you?

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