'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Sons Become Their Own Worst Enemy
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Sons Become Their Own Worst Enemy
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In case you were wondering, that "thump" heard worldwide was Sons of Anarchy fans' jaws hitting the ground at this episode's end. Aside from learning who's behind Charming's home invasions, SAMCRO's ties with Pope continue dangerously escalating.

An Offer You Really, Really Should Refuse

When Jax delivers Pope's share of drug money, they renegotiate their business arrangement: mule twice as much coke and receive $200,000 dollars every trip. Oh, and Jax personally gets %2 of profits made selling all that extra blow but not like that would affect his judgment or anything. The proposal's voted on by the club, with Clay in active opposition. With sides evenly split for and against, Tig's fanatical devotion to Jax proves useful when he breaks the tie casting his ballot "yes".

This really reveals how Jax's leadership has changed dramatically. Previously, he looked for any way out of the drug business. Now with money flowing in not only the club's coffers but his own pockets, it hurts to say but Jax is no better than Clay. His goals have changed from having his MC's best interests at heart to short - sighted personal gain. What I find most impressive is even as Jax manipulates everyone around him, he still truly believes it's what's best for SAMCRO. 

Laying Snowglobe

Along with his offer, Pope takes a hint from Billy Mays throwing in the location of Opie's killer absolutely free! The Sons track him down, bind and gag the prison guard and proceed to reasonably discuss why their friend's death was upsetting. Actually, wait. They shoot the murder's wife in front of his eyes then beat him to death with a snow globe. I'm surprised those things are sturdy enough to not break despite repeated impacts with a skull.

Et Tu, Clay?

As everything ends, we finally discover who lead those home invasions which struck Gemma and killed Sheriff Roosevelt's pregnant wife. Actually no one's interested in that, let's move on.

Just kidding. It's Clay and a rogue branch of Sons. What I'm trying to figure out is Clay's angle. Could his plan be make Jax seem like an ineffective president to resume control? What's especially exciting is how this pretty much guarantees some sort of civil war within the Sons. Once Jax discovers Clay's treachery, there's gonna be hell to pay.

This episode shows Sons of Anarchy at its well paced best with great plot twists to boot. It's exciting thinking what could happen when Jax and Clay butt heads, and who will be left standing. One thing's for certain: SAMCRO can't keep this up much longer. Will internal unrest and their drug running tear the club apart, or could the prodigal Sons take another path? Comment and let us know!