'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Promises Kept, Promises Broken
'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Promises Kept, Promises Broken
This week, Sons of Anarchy was all about relationships. How they are formed, how they are broken, how they are maintained. Betrayals, secrets and secret betrayals have always been an inherent part of the show, and this week's episode showcased how the more soapy aspects of Sons can work just as well as the testosterone-fueled action. Piney's murder last week was addressed only obliquely and one has to assume that it will be treated in more detail soon. All the character moments, however, were rather excellent this week.

"Hello, Juan Carlos!"

Although Juice wants out, Lincoln Potter pushes for more. He has recent pictures of Georgie walking about freely. And not too long ago the Club told Otto that they had killed the porn kingpin to avenge Lu Ann's death. This betrayal, hopes Potter, might push Otto, who has endured an awful amount for "his organization" as the D.A. puts it, over the edge and into rat territory. "I just need some details from Juice." And when he presents the concerned with the fruits of his investigative labor so far ("Hello, Juan Carlos! I'm a big fan."), Juice totally loses it. Didn't the sheriff warn Potter that Juice was unstable?

"Relationships are overrated!"

There are now four different "organizations" (Lincoln Potter) at odds with each other for various reasons. Tonight: the wrong people buy guns from the wrong people and now our guys (presumably the right people in this scenario?) have to convince other wrong people to not go apeshit on the first wrong people and also hope that the really wrong people won't get involved. Confusing enough for you? Let me put it this way: the Niners have found new frieds that cause problems for SAMCRO. And after one more shootout, Jax has the opportunity to lecture Torres about the fact that unlike in Mexico, one can't just start shooting people in the United States when one still has to form alliances with other crews. Which ultimately avoids another bloodbath and potentially gets the Sons are new ally. Who said Jax wasn't a master strategist?

"I'm calling in Clay!"

Gemma and Unser have to clean up the mess Clay left at the end of last episode and are surprisingly candid about who is the culprit. Unser, who realizes that he might be in over his head, wants to hand everything over to the county sheriff and let them deal with it. Gemma, however, can convince him otherwise. She knows it's wrong, she begins to realize that Clay might be an out-of-control monster, but: "what kind of wife would I be if I let anything happen to him?" Good question.

"What would he feel about me?"

The letters, the letters, the letters. First, Piney gets killed over them, then Tara finds out that someone has them from her desk, accuses Gemma of it and then strongly implies that Clay really did kill Jax's father John. That's the reason she didn't let her beau read the letters. Would be too painful for him. Meanwhile, Gemma is in the middle of a potentially deadly game of checkers. Will Clay get to Tara and kill her over the letters? And what will he do once he actually obtains the letters? And what if Gemma actually opposes Clay for once?

"You were great today!"

So in the end, a whole bunch of characters are faced with some tough choices. If Juice feeds intel about the IRA/cartel to Potter, he will spare the Club but be a rat. Jax will leave the Club after having found an exit strategy to that big mess that is the deal with the cartel. And Gemma? She might or might not come clean about Clay's evil doings of late. But that might still be a few episodes down the road. And what will Clay do to Tara? He promises Gemma that he won't hurt her, but this season has proven that the President's word is not worth much anymore. Will he really leave this whole affair alone now?

All in all, an episode that considerably upped the ante. What did you think?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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