'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: One Big Setup
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: One Big Setup
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week's plots set this episode in motion. There's frenetic action sequences when the Sons find Frankie, along with Tara and Otto, sharing an awkwardly intimate moment together. It all feels like preparations for next week's episode, but at least entertaining ones.

Meet "Mr. Mayhem"

After our heroes scrape Chibs off the side of the road where Frankie left him, they decide what to do with the traitor. SAMCRO's vote whether the Nomad will meet "Mr. Mayhem" just a formality, and the sucker's days become numbered. Buddy and Jax scheme how they'll prevent this, seeing as they can't hand Frankie over to Roosevelt if he's been murdered to death. The two race against Clay, who's looking to tie up loose ends from his attempted coup.

That's Not Awkward At All

Meanwhile Gemma's seducing Clay and learning his secrets, just like Jax planned. Oh wait, no. She's hanging with Nero and his child. Great idea, Gemma! That definitely won't complicate you deceiving your ex-husband or anything. It's pretty obvious she won't be able to have her Clay and eat Nero too. This will only end in tears. 

Then there's Tara checking on imprisoned Otto about the RICO case. Plying the widower with his wife's old perfume, he sniffs at it while wearing just the weirdest expression on his face. It's a delightfully creepy scene, but not their strangest interaction this episode by far.

Too Easy a Solution

Jax and company learn Frankie's location from mob boss Leo, but not before Clay. The Sons' former president arrives with Juice in tow, and the three work out their issues like men. Men with very big guns. They're interrupted by the other Sons accompanied by Leo. Jax sneaking SAMCRO's Judas away becomes a moot point when Leo simplifies things, killing Frankie himself. While the mobster had reasons for taking care of Frankie as he shot one of his associates, that still felt a little bit like a cop out. It would've been fun watching Jax somehow spirit the traitor away.

Otto Takes Things Into His Own Hands

Cutting back to Otto and Tara, things take a bizarre turn. Everyone's favorite inmate instructs Tara to hold her perfumed wrist close to his face. Then starts touching himself. Then starts crying. The scene effectively illustrates just how badly broken Otto's become from actions defending the MC. Also most of my interactions with women end with me in tears, so suppose it's not too weird.

Tara's big awkward day isn't over yet, as she and Jax arrive home and find Gemma waiting for them. Mother dearest checks with Tara whether she'll be accepted back into the family following spying on Clay, who assures her welcome back with open arms. Sure, Tara. Sure.

Running Out Of Juice

Everything wraps up with Jax showing Roosevelt Frankie's corpse. After being reminded of their deal, Jax says it's no biggie as he's already deduced who the rat is. El Presidente loads his pistol, and things tensely end with Jax tailing Juice. 

Next episode's sure to be killer in more ways than one. Previews reveal it clocking in at 90 minutes, so big things will definitely happen. Roosevelt's shown warning Juice of his impending fate, making it possible  he'll escape death. Do you see Juice surviving next week? What did you think of this episode? Let's hear your comments.

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