'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Not Kidding Around Anymore
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Not Kidding Around Anymore
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Most episodes of Sons of Anarchy aren't exactly child friendly. That's literally true here, as things take a dark and twisted turn no one saw coming. Though lagging at its beginning, when the credits roll you'll wonder how the show is Abel -- I mean able to take such a brilliant and tragic turn.

Mom, You're Embarrassing Me!

Things start slow enough. Gemma's finished drunkenly hooking up with another random stranger. How shocking! Her one-night stand turns out to have unexpected repercussions, and not the kind which get fixed with a hasty trip to the clinic and prescription for antibiotics. The guy steals her car and wallet, leading Jax to yell at his mother for being a ho fo' sho'.

After Jax recovers his madre's car and cash, the two share a touching moment apologizing for letting problems split their familial bond apart. It's cute, but doesn't seem to go anywhere. While you may be  bored unless you know what comes later, turns out it's all a set-up to drive the episode's final five minutes home to a horrific conclusion. Don't worry, we'll get to that.

Double? Try Triple Cross

When Jax isn't off playing repo man for Gemma, he's busy investigating Clay and his Nomads' involvement with the home invasions. After SAMCRO's president puts Unser on the trail as well, Clay orders his men to eliminate the former sheriff. 

Too bad one double cross isn't good enough for Clay, as he also betrays his partners in crime. That or he just happens to be at Unser's place when the hit squad shows up, and accidentally saves their target by shooting them in the face.  It's a wonderful move, really. Clay lives to plot another day, and we get to see just how obsessed he is with undermining Jax. 

A Crashing Halt

Back to those final five minutes. Jax and Chibs get assaulted by two gun-toting psychopaths while tracking down Clay's final Nomad accomplice. Killing one of them, they discover his identity as a One Niner member. This raises several interesting questions: Did Pope order the hit? Could Clay's deceptions involve Pope as a backer? I can't wait to see how this gets answered. 

What's even more shocking is what happens with Gemma. After she and Jax make up, he lets dear old mom babysit his children. While driving them home, Gemma begins feeling sleepy and swerves off the road. There's a car crash, and Jax's son Abel lies bleeding in the back seat, possibly dead. This floored me. Gemma wasn't seen drinking beforehand, which makes her sudden tiredness suspicious. Maybe it was just a careless accident. Personally part of me feels Clay's perhaps behind this. Could he have poisoned Gemma to get to Jax? 

No matter what, one thing's certain. Jax now has even less to lose, and this will send him further off the ruthless deep end. It's a great and unexpected move for the series, and watching Jax in full-blown loose cannon mode will be really entertaining. The previews for next episode show that SAMCRO also has a rat among its members leaking information to the authorities. Who could that be? Could Clay be behind Gemma's accident and Abel's possible death? Comment and let us know!

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