'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Juice Taketh Drugs, Juice Taketh Life
'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Juice Taketh Drugs, Juice Taketh Life
Chekhov's Juice, Part I

So remember last week when Juice foolishly took a brick of cocaine from the cartel because the Sheriff more or less coerced him to do it? Well, the Cartel is not too happy about it when they realize that the brick is missing. "When we find out who did it, Cartel or son, he's dead." Doesn't bode well for Juice. The guys try to scare the prospects into admitting they did the deed but you and I both know they didn't do it. All during that time, ominous close ups of a guilt-torn Juice pepper the proceedings, especially during a fake game of Russian roulette and after they leave the prospects in a locked room with a gun.

Opie's Sins, Part I

And Opie? He cheated on his newly wedded wife Lyla with a porn star because...well, that's how introspective, soft-spoken manly men handle their domestic problems. Only problem is wifey finds out and confronts the porn star who, in turn, pulls a gun on her, Gemma and Tara. "Domestic problems at the club house," as Opie puts it. Or in the words of his dad: "Your dick almost got people killed."

Opie's Sins, Part II

After Tara suddenly realizes how the club "treats women" and confronts Jax about it ("don't condemn the entire club!" he retorts in all honesty), Opie tries to talk to Lyla although an apology never crosses his lips. But when she admits having had an abortion right before the guys went to jail, he doesn't skip a beat and announces that he moves out and will crash at the club house "until you figure out what you want to do", he tells her. If I was Lyla I wouldn't really know what he means by that but we're in TV universe so every cryptic one-liner makes perfect sense to everyone involved.

Chekhov's Juice, Part II

Chekhov taught us that if you introduce a gun in act one someone has to use it in act three. In this case, the audience knows where the missing brick of cocaine is at and who took it. Question is how the other characters are going to find out. Here, Miles happens on Juice pulling the brick from the bushes and shoots him in the leg for which Juice retaliates by putting a few bullets into Miles' head and planting the cocaine on his body. Problem solved for Juice, but new problems are created for the club. Such is the nature of Sons of Anarchy.

And Clay...

Oh, and en passant? Clay orders a hit on Tara. Nuff' said.

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