'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Exit Strategies
'Sons Of Anarchy' Recap: Exit Strategies
With so many balls left in the air at the end of last week's episode, we had a lot to get to in this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, entitled "Call of Duty." It was refreshing, then, that Kurt Sutter and company took their time in addressing the big issues and let a lot of character moments happen organically instead of simply pushing the plot forward. And with a 90-minute episode, we have a lot to get to.

Family Plans

Jax still wants to go through with the plan of leaving Samcro and settling down with Tara, even though it's it going to take some more time for her to establish a praxis now that no hospital will want her as a surgeon. All is well and good until Wendy shows up.

Remember? Abel's biological mother or, in Gemma's words, the "junky whore"? She's baaaack! She wants to see her son again. She wants to reconnect with him, which could be disruptive to Jax's little idyllic family plans. As they say: "Just when you got out, they puuuuuull you back in!"

Explosive Revenge

The Cartel produces two dead Lobos burnt to a crisp they put the blame on for the hit on Tara. Which doesn't mean that score is settled yet. Jax doesn't want to implicate the entire club in exacting revenge on the Lobos. But the club is hot and ready to go so they team up with the cartel and try to get the bad guys commando style.

Which results in Kozik being blown to pieces by a landmine. You gotta give it to the Sons of Anarchy writers: they always find new and creative ways to find spectacular ways for their characters to die. And that's another death to blame on Clay too. Poor Kozik.

Sweet Deal

Speaking of death, Otto summons our new favorite assistant DA to the jail. In exchange for cooperating with him, Otto wants to move up his execution date ("I wanna go as soon as possible") and tell Bobby face to face that he gave him up. "I'm gonna have to put you in protective custodym" Lincoln Potter tells him. "Good", Otto replies. "Better food," he says, before bursting out in the saddest laugh you've ever heard. On a related note, Georgie finally gets what's his and is whacked after he didn't come through on the land deal. But not before confessing to Lou Ann's (accidental) death.

Bittersweet Confession

Poor Juice can finally get some things off his chest but his conscience is still weighing on him. He opens up to Chibs after walking straight through the aforementioned mine field because, you know, he's on edge and doesn't really care. "My father. He's black!" laments Juice. "So?" answers Chibs and pretty much sums up what a lot of fans have been thinking all season. Either way, on Juice's birth certificate it says that he's Hispanic. So the sheriff really never had any leverage on him. Except that Juice believed he had and then there's still that sneaky bastard Lincoln Potter. It's not over yet for Juice.

Everyone Against Clay

And then there's the small matter of Clay beating the living crap out of Gemma. When Jax finds out about it he is first furious and then blames himself for Clay's ultimate transgression. And he blames it on club business too of course: "I thought we could pull this off: cash in and get out. But I'm even more delusional than he is." Then, he confesses to her that Tara and him are planning on leaving. And that Clay had known all along. "This sh*t ain't over," he tells Clay. And I believe him on the dot.

When Tig sees Gemma he immediately deduces that it was Clay and swiftly hands in his patch. Clay simply crossed to many lines for him. Unser threatens to kill Clay if he ever lays hands on Gemma again. And then Opie finds his dad and Unser tells him that Clay killed him. He even tells him that Gemma sent him up to the cabin to make the murder look like it was from the cartel. "Clay's out of control," he tells Opie. Could that be the final nail in Clay's coffin? The screen faded to black tonight before we got an answer. But I'm pretty positive it is.

What do you think? Will Opie kill Clay, who is now responsible for the death of both Opie's wife and father? Or will it be another Son that finally does Clay in?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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