'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Is This the End of Jax and Tara?
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Is This the End of Jax and Tara?
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Well, lots of things went down last week. Most importantly, Jax got the truth about Tara from Lowen. He knows about the divorce, and that she plans to take the boys away from him. How will he handle this when they come face to face?

And will he be able to pull off the Irish trade in? Let's find out..

The Break Up

There's a lot of pain in this family. But also a lot of love. Jax handles the situation with Tara better than I expected. Well, for now anyway. He's holding Thomas when Tara wakes up. He hands him to her and tells her that she will be watched, so she shouldn't try to take off with them. He has a bag packed and as he leaves, he tells her that he needs to put some distance between them right now, or someone will get hurt.

Tara heads to the hospital and sits in her empty office and stares at the blood on the carpet, where her elaborate scheme really came together. How is she still allowed in this office, or this hospital, after being fired and spent time in prison? She fights back tears. Clearly the regret has set in. And it's too late to fix anything.

Margaret stops in and tells her about Gemma's threats. That her response to Gemma was what sent Jax to get the truth from Lowan. Margaret is now terrified for her life. She's afraid to leave the hospital. She's taking a three week vacation to get away from all of it and is no longer comfortable helping Tara.

So it's official. Tara has lost all of her allies. Wendy is back on drugs and sold her out. Lowan let Jax in on her plan and now Margaret is out of the picture. Tara has lost everything and can't escape any of it.

I know what she did was terrible, but I have wanted her to find a way out of this violent trap for years. Now it's not going to happen.

The Rebound

Jax is staying at Collete's house for a few days. She says she'll "put his stuff in her room for now." Hmmm. That's not obvious.

Before they can head to the boudoir, the crew shows up. Gemma needs to see Clay. He has requested a sit down. She doesn't know that it's Irish-related, but then the guys tell him that Galen is in town and wants to meet. As everyone gets ready to leave, Jax says he needs to make an announcement. He shares the whole thing. Tara's fake pregnancy, the divorce, the plan with Wendy. Now he is the one fighting back tears. But the anger has yet to set in. I'm not sure I want to see what he does when that happens.

The Irish Have Returned

Galen wants the remaining gun customers locked down. There are still a few on the fence, which Jax has agreed to speak with. Galen insists that Connor goes with him on these final meetings. He also insists that a large shipment of guns be run by the Sons. They need it to happen quickly, since Clay's trial has been moved up, and they don't have enough men to run the transport.  Jax doesn't want any part of that. But Galen tells him he can't say no. Looks like there's one final gun run before this relationship ends.

Oh, Wendy

Tara heads to Wendy's for a visit. Wendy isn't currently high, but she's a mess, her apartment is a mess and her arm is all marked up. She's trying to get into rehab ASAP, and at the moment, doesn't care much for the predicament Tara is in. Wendy tells her that she should just talk to Jax and Gemma. Be honest, and share her side. Tara isn't interested in that. She says she's no longer afraid of them. And then leaves. She sits in her car for a moment before throwing the car into reverse to run over Juice's bike, and almost Juice himself. She speeds off.

Well, that's not a good start to making things right.

Check Out My Shiny New Guns

So the Irish come along to the meeting with the Italians. Just as Galen is showing off the new guns, the Chinese arrive to make a better offer. Galen knows that's their plan, so he points the gun at them and starts firing away. Ah, Irish charm. He kills two of them and the others speed off. The Italians haggle with Galen on their deal, and they come to an agreement.

Mother vs. Grandma

Tara is back at the house grabbing a gun from the safe. Gemma walks in. Uh oh.

They go back and forth a bit with heated stares. Gemma tells her that the biys will not be raised by her. Jax will never forgive her. The only thing she can do now is apologize to Jax and leave. And what she decides to do will determine what Gemma and Jax will tell the boys. a) Mommy moved away, or b) Mommy passed away.


The Trade

Jax calls the DA to confirm the trade. She has immunity set for him and the club, and a plea deal for Tara. He tells her that he'll deliver Galen the following day and she will need manpower. This trade will take place during their final gun run. Things could get messy.

As they head to Collette's the remaining members of the Chinese crew follow them.They have a guy in a van open the door ans start shooting. The guys pull off the freeway and despite the narrow chase they bring those guys on, the Sons find themselves surrounded. But no worries, the Chinese (I don't like writing it this way, but this is how the crews are referred to in the show) do not want to take out SAMCRO. They just want the gun business that has been given to the Irish. They want the entire NorCal territory. They also want to settle the score with Galen.

Jax tells them about the shipment the following day, and that he'll provide an address. So it looks like this last gun run will be a full house!

Junkie Check

Unser and Nero check on Wendy. They find her passed out on the floor with a pan on the stove filling the house with smoke. Nero puts the fire out and they bring her outside. She's alive. They bring her outside but she's super out of it. The marks on her arm are fresh.

Gemma, Nero, and Unser get Wendy cleaned up and packed for rehab. Not a happy ending, but also not an ending for Wendy, so that's something.

Sit Down with Clay

Gemma's visit with Clay is quick. He hands her an envelope including a letter of intent to give Gemma all of his assets. Once the Irish bust him out, he won't be able to be present for divorce hearings, so he wanted to make things easy for her.

Mother vs. Madame

Tara sees Juice at the hospital and demands to know where Jax is. Juice tells her that he's at Diosa, with Collette. Annnnnddd things are about to get worse.

Over at Collette's the guys arrive and Jax encourages them to take it easy. Big day tomorrow. Then Collette drags him upstairs.

Tara walks into Diosa. Why am I so worried about this? Jax has cheated on Tara several times at this point. And Tara has obviously done her fair share of sh**. But still, I hate seeing that brought to the surface. Tara walks in to find Collette on top of Jax, immediately pulls Collette to the ground by her hair and starts punching her. Naked Jax pulls her off of Collette, and she slaps him in the face before running out.

He throws on some pants and chases after her. She has a gun in her hand and tells him to stay away from her. She has definitely lost it. She's frantic, almost on the verge of laughter and tears. She asks him what's wrong with her. Then drives off.

She goes to the DA and wants to take her deal. The DA tells her that deal is no longer on the table because "there are other things pending". Tara looks defeated. She leaves, mumbling about nobody being able to help her.

Tara's future is not looking good right now. I guess we'll find out more next week.

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