'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Tara's Secret Plan Comes Together
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Tara's Secret Plan Comes Together
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Bobby is back. TM is gone. A gal named Venus made a surprise visit and it looks like she's here to stay. And what will happen to Nero?

Last week had some tamer twists than week's past, but it was still quite the unpredictable ride. I have a feeling this week will be the same.

Let's go.

New Place, Same Reaper

The boys roam around the ruins of TM, trying to salvage anything they can. The reaper and the entire tabletop are miraculously unharmed! The end up renting an old ice cream shop from the mayor for a few months. Jax isn't sure how long it'll take to rebuild TM. The mayor complains about the vacant office space on that block, and how the town is terrified of SAMCRO. He wouldn't have been able to let them use the space if he had any neighboring tenants there.

The first order of business in the new building at the old table is to vote on the three new members. Jax gives them a rundown of the club's current financial problems, to give them the full picture of what they're signing up for, and then they get unanimous votes from the others to join. Jax also asks them to approve Rat Boy as another full patch member. They approve, and in a total sandbaggin' S-O-B move, they make him think they're booting him out before welcoming him with a brand new patch to replace the "Prospect" label. (Sidenote: Charlie Hunnam's accent is all over the place in this one. I kinda love it.)

Nero's Tempting Offer

Nero gets approached in prison by the DA. The evidence she has built against him is pretty solid. It all hangs on the DNA results, which won't be back for days. She offers to let him walk if he testifies against the club. He has 24 hours to decide.

Venus Brings the Tears

Oh man. I love Venus. So articulate and so emotionally delicate. But her past is tragic and rough. Gemma brings her to Jax after Nero begs her to help Venus in any way that she can. Venus's nephew is currently in the custody of her abusive and perverse mother and Venus wants to get him out of there. She tells the story of being sexually confused as a ten year old boy and how his mother Alice would get him drunk and convince him (in sexual ways) that he was a straight young man. And how her husband at the time would film it. That was the launch of her mother's child pornography business.


Without hesitation, the guys agree to get the boy out of there. Venus cries and showers them with sincere thanks.

Tara Continues to Plot

Tara is busy signing forms and making moves. Which moves? It's hard to say. We know she's filing for divorce. It also looks like she's going to keep Gemma out of the family equation too. Apparently, cutting out an "unfit" grandparent is something both parents have to sign off on. Lowen asks Tara if she thinks Jax will sign. She says yes.


Then when Lowen leaves, Unser pops in. She takes him to visit the boys and casually asks him if he can help her get a restraining order.

Sutter is really keeping this Tara plan under wraps until the big reveal. Enough of a taste is given each week to keep us interested, but man, this is going to EXPLODE once it comes out in full.

Barofsky's Blues

The DA is having trouble cracking Nero and Tara, so she tries to find another way in. Eli and the DA decide to take a trip to Stockton to see if they can get some info from Barofsky. He stays pretty tight lipped through their questions. Then the DA threatens to mess with his retirement funds if he doesn't get some dirt they can use against the club.

Venus's Visit

It doesn't go well. There's a school of sweaty scumbags in the living room, while the innocent nephew chugs a beer in the middle of them. Alice is just as evil as you'd expect her to be. As a bit of chaos erupts during a heated exchange between Alice and Venus, Alice grabs Joey and they escape out the back and into her minivan. The guys chase the minivan, but lose it when two of the sweaty scumbags rear-end their truck. Venus decides she's had enough and shoots at their car through the truck's back window.

Then they find out that Joey is actually Venus's son. His mother was a friend of his, back when he was Vincent, pre-Venus. They had a drunken night of confusion and Joey is the result. Venus played the role of aunt to avoid making Joey's life a confusing mess as well. 

They pull over and hope Barofsky can help them track down Alice. Venus is relieved Jax is still willing to help despite her shooting outburst.

Babies and Restraining Orders

Back at the hospital, Tara looks on as Wendy and Unser play with the boys. Margaret tells Tara "it's time" and grabs Wendy to head into a meeting. Unser reluctantly hands Tara the forms for filing a restraining order and asks her what's going on. She tells him (and us) that he'll understand soon. "It'll all make sense." More clues.

Alice vs. Venus

Barofsky helps track down a cheerful, kid-friendly sounding photo studio that belongs to Alice. This woman straight up deserves to die, you guys. They bust in and find Joey on a chaise lounge with his shirt off in front of a camera stand. He's out of it and Venus can tell he's been drugged. The guys see people approaching the back entrance and raise their guns. It's Alice and her sweaty scumbags.

They come in and Venus immediately grabs a gun and points it at Alice's head. The guys convince her to lower the gun and calm down. Jax doesn't want anymore trouble right now.

Jax screams at all of them to leave, and tells Alice that Joey is coming with them. The scumbags leave but Alice stays. She goes into a long rant about how Venus's son will never respect him/her. About how Joey's father is a monster. About how Joey will turn into a monster, just like his dad, and how he'll kill himself at a young age to avoid it. Jax's eyes fill with tears during this rant, as he clearly sees the unknown future of his sons and how they'll look at him when they get older. It's too much for him. He decides he doesn't want to listen to another hateful word and shoots Alice in the head.

Just when we thought Jax was softening up....

Barofsky tells Jax he would've killed Alice himself if he hadn't done it first. He also reassures him that he'll handle the cover up and make sure the sweaty scumbags stay far away.

It All Makes Sense

Back at TM, Wendy is waiting for Gemma. She's furious. She tells Gemma that Tara changed the will and that the boys are to go to Maragaret if anything should happen to Tara. She also tells Gemma that Tara is planning to leave Jax and keep everyone else away from the boys. Wendy leads her to the hospital cafeteria where Margaret and Tara are eating and Gemma makes a scene. Tara refuses to talk to her and when Margaret protects Tara, Gemma grabs her by the throat. Unser is also witness to all of this. Tara runs into her old office and puts a wire on underneath her dress.

Here we go...

Gemma busts in and Tara knows exactly what to say to get Gemma to slap her. Tara hits back though. Gemma tells her she's lucky she's pregnant. And with a calculated gleam in her eye, Tara hurls herself, stomach first, into the corner of the table. Everyone else enters the room at that moment. They see Tara keeled over, clutching her bloody middle, crying for her baby. She's yelling at Gemma for "attacking her" and the cops take Gemma away. Gemma knows the deal now. She also knows that Wendy was part of it. And Tara has it all recorded.

This is what she'll give to Jax to get him to cut Gemma out of the picture. This will work. And what's Gemma's side of the story? That Tara willingly killed her own growing baby? That Wendy was in on it? Without any proof, that will sound utterly insane to Jax.

Oh, Tara. Well played, girl.

Jax rushes in and holds her. He's devastated. She cries into his shoulder. Now I feel bad for Jax. I know he's been borderline evil lately, and he's done worse things himself, but this is just so sad.

Tara gets examined by the doctor and once they determine that she lost the baby, Jax comes back into the room. They cry again, holding each other. Tara shows him where "Gemma kicked her" in the stomach. She pleads with him, to never let her near their children again. He promises her that he agrees. He signs the papers.

By the look on Lowen's face, I doubt she even knew that this was part of Tara's plan.

Gemma sits in her jail cell with a vengeful look on her face. Tara just started a war. This is about to get much, much worse. 

*CORRECTION: Okay, so it wasn't a wire that she put underneath her dress. Even though to me, it looked more like a black box than a bag of blood. But it was the blood she was draining from her arm earlier in the day. Not sure how you can hurl yourself into a table corner and only come out with a bruise, but if she was never pregnant to begin with (and that looks to be the case), Tara was very lucky she didn't cause additional internal damage. 

And if she was never pregnant, then the pregnancy results were forged. Which I'm sure is just as easy to accomplish as the rest of this when you have a hospital administrator and a lawyer on your side. 

I guess we'll know more as this mess continues to unfold.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX. 

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