'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: The Irish Seek Revenge
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: The Irish Seek Revenge
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Well...Toric is dead. What now? I mean, I know they have crap boulders falling all around them, but that was a seriously fantastic twist.Tara should have less to worry about now, but I'm looking forward to the moment Gemma realizes that both of these women have played her. And how will Jax take the news of Tara divorcing him? You ready for another 90-minute hell ride?

Let's do this.

Club Locked Down

The fellas appear to be on an Irish stakeout. Don't worry guys, I brought the Guinness. Everyone is on edge. They have old ladies all over the clubhouse while on lock down. Even Tara and the boys. Jax camps out in his truck overnight waiting for someone to show up outside of the pub. When a van finally does pull up in the morning, Jax attacks a guy inside who has info on Galen's location.

Unfortunately, he's already gone. But Connor (Galen's number two, I think) is being picked up that very day. Jax doesn't get this info easily. He has to pull a few tortuous Toric moves (stabbing him in the hand), but he's given the pick up address.

Chucky pours coffee and lets Gemma know that they're out of beer and soda. He's bummed about Otto's passing. Gemma cheers him up by telling him to remember how Otto saved him.

Tara wants the lock down to end. She tells Jax that Gemma scares her and she feels like Gemma still thinks she's trying to take the boys away. She says it's too much anxiety for her first trimester. Oh yeah! She's pregnant. There's so much sh** hitting the fan right now that I forgot baby number three is getting ready to arrive.

Toric's Legacy

The DA pays a visit to Eli to continue Toric's investigation. She wants to go after Tara and she wants Eli to go after Nero and see which can be used as a way to take the club down. So much for Tara having less to worry about. However, I feel like Eli might've discovered some shady skeletons in Toric's past that might dismiss some of his work in this case. Either way, I don't see him as a new threat to the club.

Jax and Nero's Day Out

Nero visits Gemma at the club and picks up Jax for a trip to Stockton. Jax is rather animated in this episode. He made some hilarious cracks at the guy he stabbed in the hand earlier, and now he's having some adorable banter with Nero.

As Jax and Nero drive away, Eli follows behind. And it looks like they just left Dunder Mifflin and the rest of Scranton Business Park by the way the street and gate are set up, but anywho...

Nero asks about the Irish gun drama. Jax says for about the millionth time that he's getting out of guns, things will get better, and he's "going to make this right." Oh, Mr. Pres, I wish I believed you. He tells Nero that he doesn't have to believe him, but begs him not to bail. I get the sense that he sees his father in Nero. Clay was a father figure, but too hard. Nero is softer, wiser, and with his peaceful nature, I think Jax is happy that he and Gemma are together.

They pay a visit to Collette during the brothel inspection. Eli parks on a side street. Barosky pulls up and asks Eli what he's doing there. Eli is vague and dances around it. Barosky reminds him that he's a former cop and that gets Eli to head on out. Barosky warns Jax and Nero that a cop trailing them, for whatever reason, is bad for business and shouldn't be his problem. Jax says he'll handle it.

Unser Offers Help

Unser plays with the boys on the swing set while Tara watches and scolds him for exerting himself. As she checks his stitches and gives him the all clear, Unser brings up the meeting with Wendy he walked in on. He discreetly offers his help, should she need it. But she will have to give him all of the facts if she accepts. He loves the boys, and it's clear that he's sick of the bloodshed as well.

Irish Take Down

The boys, with their hoods up, pull up to Connor's pick up spot in two trucks. Connor recognizes Chibs in the driver's seat and then the chase begins. They end up catching him by driving right into the beverage distributor building and crushing him under a pile of broken beer bottles. He's alive, so they'll be able to use him to get to Galen. Thank goodness.

They get Connor to give Jax a number to call. He gets a hold of the Kings and gives them the scoop on Galen. He goes through the reason SAMCRO wants out of guns, and the back up plan with August to keep the cause going. He lets them in on the shady bond Galen has with Clay, and how that won't matter much soon, since Clay's days are numbered. They agree to discuss it and call Jax with an answer. Jax's request is to end the war. We'll see if this is one thing Jax successfully makes right.

Oh....Galen is at the table with the Kings. He heard the whole conversation. He disputes the promise of increased profits with August. And he insists that Clay is still the connection to Northern Cali. He's set up protection and transportation for Clay, and will have a deal with him by the end of the day. WHA???? Is Clay getting out? Galen makes it seem like SAMCRO will be able to cut ties and they'll just continue on with Clay. But that can't be it for the Irish battle. Can it?

Wendy Weakens

Gemma visits Wendy at work and asks if Tara has reached out to her lately. Wendy says no. She asks Wendy to get a copy of Tara's revised will. She plans to show it to Jax as proof that Tara is planning an exit strategy. Wendy agrees to bring it to her. Before Gemma leaves, she gives her pictures of Abel as a baby, tells her she misses the family they had before Tara showed up, how great a fit she was for Jax before the drugs destroyed them, and how much she loved her. Wendy tears up a bit. Will she end up on the SAMCRO side of this fight? I can't imagine her going back, but Gemma is a master manipulator. We'll see.

Eli's Investigation Continues

Nero heads into the station to meet with Eli. He asks Eli to either charge him with the dead hooker's murder, or leave him alone. Eli tells him about the DA and her plans to take SAMCRO down and use him as the way in. Nero reiterates that he is innocent.

Tara's Shaky Future

Tara discusses her case with Lowen. Toric's murder and his involvement with the DA make it look like Otto killing him was a calculated move on the club's part. Which only hurts her chances of avoiding jail time, since they're trying to prove that Otto acted alone in the killing of Toric's sister.

Then Wendy pops in at Tara's office, alarming Rat the Prospect. Tara tells her she can't just show up like that, since they're trying to be discreet. Wendy is crying and panicky. She says she can't keep lying to everyone. Clearly Gemma has rattled her cage. Tara begs her to keep this up for the safety of their boys. Wendy demands to spend time with Abel, soon.

Conjugal Visit with Clay

Gemma pays a conjugal visit to Clay. A visit that he requested. He tells her about the offer the Irish gave him. And how they plan to break him out of there to run the operation from Belfast. The club will be cut off from guns, but it won't mean peace, it'll mean trouble. He tells Gemma to ask Jax what he wants him to do.

Gemma tries to leave, but two of the guards come in and demand that they have sex, so the two of them can watch. Gemma tells the guard off, and they punch Clay in the gut a few times. Pervy guard #1 tells Clay that he needs to do it, or he'll watch Pervy guard #2 hook up with Gemma, either way, "he gets off". Gross. Gemma sees no way out of this, so she agrees to have sex with Clay.

Just when I feel like I've recovered from a traumatic scene from Sons, another pops up. And this is definitely one of them.

TM's In Trouble

Back at Diosa, Gemma tries to calm her nerves while she waits for Nero. Chibs pulls Jax into the kitchen to tell him what Clay told Gemma about the Irish. Chibs is furious that Jax would even offer a deal with August to the Kings. They're kind of a racist bunch, and there's no way they'd be interested. They call the Kings and are told that they'll call back around 8pm with a decision. Jax tells him the whole table will be there.

Back at TM, they get ready for the call when Jax notices an unfamiliar, Irish-looking pen on the bar. Chucky says it was delivered that afternoon, along with a keg of beer that "Gemma must've ordered." In a matter of seconds, they all know that the plan is to blow up TM and they rush to get everyone out in time. Jax has to run back and grab Abel, but he makes it.

Well sh**, guys. Now what?

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