'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Bonds Tighten, and Ties Get Cut
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Bonds Tighten, and Ties Get Cut
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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So do we really think Tara is going to leave Jax? I can't really see them living apart. But I also can't see her putting up with the new evil Jax. The one that runs SAMCRO in the dirty, murderous way Clay used to. I guess we'll see how the next phase of their quickly deteriorating relationship will play out as episode three of this already explosive season starts now.

The DA is giving a press conference on the latest news on the school shooting. There's a documented history on the unstable mental state of Matthew Jennings and the hunt is still on for the "parties responsible for putting a weapon so deadly into the hands of a boy so broken." The mom and Arcadio are considered missing, but assume that search will come up empty since their bodies have been disposed of by the Sons.

Nero Prays for Forgiveness

Nero is at church and Gemma joins him, but gives him space to do what he needs to do. Clearly he's got a lot he needs to confess to, after killing his cousin Arcadio. Gemma isn't spiritual, but she understands the comfort he gets from it.

Toric's Murder Mishap

Meanwhile, our driven and heroine-addicted US Marshall is in his shady motel room with a girl from Diosa. He hears a noise outside and goes to the window with a gun. It's the DA on her phone, approaching his room. The girl steps out of the shower and touches his shoulder. He's startled and turns around and shoots her in the stomach. Ruh-Roh! The DA will not be impressed if she finds a dead hooker. She's crying and clutching her stomach, too loudly for Toric's taste and moves her down onto the floor. Then he covers her head with a pillow, apologizes, and shoots in the head. Twice.

Then comes the knock on the door.

He quickly dresses and exits the room telling her he was taking a nap. Nap, murder, whatever, right? She brings him on the investigation team with two assignments. He needs to get Clay to sign an evidence agreement. Then he needs to track down Mama Jennings and Arcadio. He already knows the connection between Arcadio, Nero, Jax, and then Tara. The DA wants to use Tara as a way into the club. Toric insists that Clay will give them more.

Jax vs. Clay

Jax pays a visit to Eli to get more info on Toric. Eli tells him that he's heard a lot about the favors Toric has called in to keep Clay safe and to get to Tara. Now that Jax fully understands his motivation to crush the club, he can go see Clay. Eli dismisses Jax by telling him that he is not involved in this mess.

When Jax enters the visitation room, he wears his stiffest battle scowl. Clay tells Jax that he appreciates him showing up. Jax demands that Clay just says what he needs to say. Clay apologizes for everything and says he earned what he got. Jax asks what he gave to Toric in exchange for PC. Clay admits that he's going to give up the club, and all he wanted in return were visits with he and Gemma.

Jax stands up, says nothing and walks up to the window where he knows Toric is hiding behind. Then says this, "I'm sorry about your sister. I can feel how personal this is for you. But SAMCRO didn't kill her. Otto acted alone. He's not a member anymore. He's just a broken guy. More than a few blocks from sane. I don't give a sh** what you do to him (Clay). But if you try to come after my wife. Try to tie her to this murder, you're going to feel how personal this is for me." Then he leaves.

Toric comes in the room and hands Clay a pen and the agreement from the DA. As far as he's concerned, he has officially agreed to nothing, since Toric is the one who forged his signature last time. He knows if he doesn't he'll be destined for death in Gen Pop. Toric gives him a few reasons to sign, and Clay doesn't.

Jax calls the guys to the table to discuss what went down with Clay. He tells the guys to play it straight with every move, as they know Toric is watching them. Chibs tries to convince Jax to call Bobby and tell him about Clay. Jax refuses and said he shouldn't have left.

Bobby Rebuilds the Nomads

At some coffee shop, who knows where, Bobby meets with a few potential additions to the Nomad clan. They have two new guys, and they both want to join. He's reached the minimum number to patch out, but will he? 

Tara Stays Distant

Tara drops by the warehouse to leave the kids with Gemma for a bit. She has a brief conversation with Unser before Gemma arrives. Whenever asks someone how she's doing, she responds politely with as little emotion as possible. Jax isn't the only one that's changed. Tara's only priority now is getting her sons' futures set up. It almost seems like she's ready to die, because maybe she just assumes that's what will happen when she tries to divorce Jax.

Tara comes to pick up the boys a few hours later and tells Gemma she's eight weeks pregnant. I don't quite see what Tara's game is with this pregnancy, but she's clearly going to use it in her plan to avoid jail, divorce Jax, or maybe both.

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Toric Seeks Justice

Toric is over at the Jennings house, questioning the men that were there during the time two slipped out the back and went missing. He has them tied to their chairs with duct tape over their mouths. I guess he has his own way of doing things, eh?

When he rips the duct tape off of one, asks the guy the whereabouts of Jennings and Arcadio, he gets a sarcastic response. This does not go over well. Toric laughs, then slams the guy's head on the table and uses his mouth to gruesomely open a beer bottle. There's as much blood on the table and the guy's face as you would expect to come from something like that. And the cap doesn't even come off! Then he rips the duct tape off of the other guy. The other guy doesn't give any info either, so he tries the bottle cap move with him. Lots of blood, but the cap is still on. And wouldn't ya know it, turns out to be a twist off.

Back to the dead hooker in the motel room, Toric has gloves on and creepily petting her head. He rips out a chunk of her hair, and cuts a scrap of fabric from her rope and places them in plastic bags. Seems like a way to frame Nero and get him to rat on the club, but we'll see.

Wendy Needs Jax

Wendy shows up randomly looking for Jax. When he isn't around, Gemma pulls her aside to see what she needs. Apparently she was attacked by a big scary Mexican guy named Luis. She refused to give him her number, so he choked her and sexually assaulted her. He told her that he and his friends were going to find her and "rape her bloody."

So I guess, naturally she would go to Jax for help. But wait a second, did he JUST attack her in her home and inject her with the drugs she's been trying so hard to kick? Is the default to just fight evil with evil? Why is Wendy still in Charming, anyway? Clearly it's because of Abel, even though she told Gemma she was going to leave him be.

But with Gemma's past, she offers to talk to Jax and see if he can help. She gives Wendy a hug and invites her over after work. What is going on here? Are we going to end this series with Jax and Wendy back together? Ick.

Jax Meets with the Madame, Again

At least this time it's at the coffee shop, and not her bed. And her name is Collette, by the way. Nero goes through the inspection process she'll have to face and they talk strategy for the new partnership. Then a car drives by and sends hundreds of bullets through the coffee shop. Everyone important ducks and escapes any bullet wounds, but wtf?

Persians Want Revenge

The police scan the plates on the car, and it belongs to one of the Persians, or Iranians, rather. Oh man, Tig. They probably found out you drowned their bro in urine. They all agree to check things out and determine what could be the cause of this. Tig stays silent. Jax asks Collette if she needs a ride to her house. Barosky gets a little protective and says she should stay at the coffee shop. Maybe she's his old lady? Jax asks Juice to stay with her.

The Iranians have a boat and the guys pay a visit. Jax and Barosky are the only ones that board the boat, and they drop their guns in a bin first. Amir can't find his brother, but they found his jacket in the water. So he assumes that the club killed him and dumped him in the water. Because Tig said nothing earlier, Jax and Barosky convince him that they didn't do anything and let his brother go days prior. Amir says he'll back off, because now, he and Barosky are "even."

In a quick scuffle, Barosky slits the throat of Amir's new number two guy and Jax headbutts the other guy on board. They safely exit the boat and Barosky tells Amir to set sail and never return.

Clay Loses PC

Clay is heading into Gen Pop and gets put into an empty room. Three of Pope's inside guys come in Clay takes on all of them. Then he takes a beating, and when he sees that one of them has a knife, he's ready to die. Then the guy with the knife says it's "his choice." What?

Clay starts a brawl in the prison yard after asking for some back up. The guys that were in the room with him starting fighting with him and his backups when Clay turns and kills one of his own guys with the knife Pope's guy had in the room.

Jax Makes New Plans

When Jax gets Tig alone, he asks him if he handled everything before with Amir's brother. He says he did. Jax can tell that he's lying and asks him to go back a few things from Amir's old studio. I feel like this is a trap, but I don't think Jax would compromise Tig before he hands him over to August.

Jax heads to Collette's house. I'm assuming he's lonely and still doesn't care that he's married. When he gets to her bedroom, he finds her on top of Barosky. Is that jealousy, Jax?

Jax meets with August on the side of the road. He tells him about the IRA and the temporary need for Clay to stay alive, in order to separate from the Irish and running guns. He offers August a silent partnership with the porn business. And when August asks about their "other business," Jax hands him a slip of paper. August takes it and leaves.

Episode Ending Montage

When Wendy comes over to Gemma's, she hands Wendy a gun. She hasn't talked to Jax for her yet, so this is the best she can do. When Wendy leaves, Nero pulls up. Behind Nero, is Toric, who now knows that Gemma and Nero are together. Clay gets thrown in a cell, beaten and bloody. Barosky leaves Collette and she immediately calls Jax. He's at home and ignores her call. Tig packs up Amir's studio. Clays gets a knife delivered to his cell. Jax finds Tara's pregnancy test results on the kitchen table. Toric breaks into Nero's car and plants the dead hooker's hair and robe. Eli finds the dead hooker's body in a ditch. Wendy wipes off the makeup that she used to look like a bruise on her neck from "Luis." August meets Tig at Amir's studio. Jax hugs Tara and tells her he loves her.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX. 

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