'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Tara Comes Home With a Plan
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Tara Comes Home With a Plan
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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If you watched last week's premiere episode, you've probably been thinking about it ever since it ended. I know I have. The young blond boy that was seen randomly throughout the episode went into a school which we'll presume to be his with a KG9 pistol and shot several people. The aftermath of that tragedy is about to unfold.

Let's see how SAMCRO is connected and how they'll handle another major setback as episode two begins now.

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Charming Post-Shooting

We quickly learn that the shooter is the son of Arcadio's old lady (Nero's second in command) and the gun belonged to Arcadio. A gun that was obtained illegally through a trade with SAMCRO. Nero learns all of this in the company of Gemma. Matthew, the shooter, was killed during the shooting and the name will soon be released, which means that sh** is about to get real for the club.

When Nero returns to Gemma, he apologizes for the commotion. She of all people, understands the duties involved in taking care of your crew. She offers to take in Arcadio's old lady until the dust settles a bit.

Over at the school, which is still an active crime scene, Toric is getting involved. There were four people killed in the shooting, three of them children. Toric gets the scoop from a colleague, and goes to approach the DA.

Clay's Terms

Clay is meeting US Marshall Toric and seems ready to rat on the club. Toric's end game is "hurting people who hurt people." In order to stay in protective custody, and in addition to that, receive immunity for anything he did while he was in the club, get a legal team to fight the murder of Pope, and have witness protection for anywhere in the world, he has to sign a document agreeing to work with Toric and provide information on the club. Clay requests some time with Gemma and Jax before he signs. Toric agrees to get them there that same day.

Gemma takes her meeting with Clay at the prison. Gemma tells Clay that Jax couldn't be there. Club business has him on the road. Clay tells her he knows why she did it. It seems like he still loves her. Somewhere in that dark soul of his. She is well aware of the fact that there's someone behind the glass window listening to her. So she doesn't fall for Clay's trap. He tells her that whatever happens will not fall on her. She leaves him in there as he says, "I love you."

Toric waits outside of the bathroom for Gemma. He gives his name, his job title, and his relation to Otto's nurse. Gemma understands what's happening. He tells her that Clay has it in for Jax, and that he wants to tell him in person. She calls him a dick and then leaves.

Toric forges the agreement with Clay's signature. He shows the agreement to the DA to buy him some more time in PC.

Tara Comes Home

Meanwhile, over at the women's prison, Tara is making her exit for her time at home before she is charged with a crime. Lowen offers to help her in any way that she can. When Tara sees Jax waiting for her outside, she stiffens. She hands Lowen several pads of paper and tells her that she has written down everything she can remember. Tara asks if "the other paperwork has been started." Hmm. Is Tara preparing for Wit Sec, perhaps?

The reunion between Jax and Tara is cold and distant. They don't even speak. Maybe Jax feels guilty about cheating on her with the madame. Maybe he's still pissed at her for threatening to take the boys and leave him. The silently hop onto his bike, barely touch, and ride off towards home.

When they get home, Gemma is waiting with the boys. Tara's face only lights up when she sees them. She doesn't say a word to Gemma and just cuddles with the kids. Gemma pulls Jax aside to warn him about Nero coming over later. Jax is visibly annoyed at the timing. Gemma tells him it's related to the shooting and he looks like he's about to crumble.

Jax pulls Tara aside to finally give her a hug and tell her he missed her. She says it back. They revisit the conversation they had before she was taken away in handcuffs. Obviously, her job prospects have changed, but she still wants Wendy listed as the guardian. Jax is still not on board. He tells her he's going to cut ties with the Irish and end the gun running. They'll grow the partnership with Nero, and earn "trashy money" instead of "dirty, bloody money". Tara still doesn't seem interested in life as an old lady, but she knows her future is uncertain, so it doesn't matter at the moment.

Jax tries to tell her that after Opie died, he felt a new obligation to the club. To bring them in the right direction. Otherwise, what did he give his life to protect? It would all be for nothing. Abel runs in with a toy and she exits the room and the conversation.

Nero arrives to give Jax the full scoop on the young gunman. Jax agrees to get Arcadio's old lady to a cabin outside of town for now, so she doesn't give up the club and where the gun came from. In the middle of this discussion, Gemma interrupts with a call coming from prison. Clay is requesting to see both of them. Jax Teller's stress face is close to being permanently set.

Jax heads out to handle this and Tara is left alone with Gemma. They have a tense moment as Gemma loads the dishwasher and then the silence is broken when Gemma compliments Tara's new 'do. She tells Tara that she wasn't the one who turned her in. Tara knows. The interaction is civil, Tara even thanks Gemma for taking care of the boys, and even mildly pleasant. Tara seems disconnected. Gemma can see it too. Is it because she's exhausted and happy to finally be home with her family? Or is peace of mind knowing that she has another plan in the works?

Toric approaches the DA as she's discussing the mother of the shooter with a local policeman. Toric gives her all the information she needs to tie the gun from the shooter to SAMCRO. He hands her his card and walks away.

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Arcadio's Old Lady

Nero, Jax, and the boys head to Arcadio's old lady's house to sneak her out of town. The cops are covering the front when the boys come in through the back. They try to wake her and bring her out quietly but she starts screaming. Arcadio panics and runs into the bedroom with a gun. They let her shoot up in the bathroom to calm her nerves. Jax and the boys leave to meet with the Irish as Nero and his crew plan their escape.

Arcadio's old lady is a mess. She doesn't want to be there. She wants to be home and she wants to bury her son. Arcadio tries to calm her down. It's not working. Jax arrives to check on things. Gemma pulls up shortly after him. A few moments after that, Arcadio's old lady shoots a hole through the ceiling and demands that they all drop their weapons so she and Arcadio can escape. She tries to steal Gemma's car and as Arcadio goes to leave with her, Nero shoots him in the head. She bolts into the woods and Jax tackles her. He goes to shoot her, but Nero stops him.

Getting Out of Guns

The Irish meet up with the club at some kind of barn. I feel like the last time they all met in a barn, things got crazy. This time, not so much. Jax tells Galen that they need to get out of guns. He explains the RICO case, the shooting, everything. He also has another club set up to take over right where they left off. Galen is not pleased, but eventually comes around. Sort of. For now, he will be sending over every KG9 they have in stock, as he expects the interest around the gun to be peaking after the shooting. My stomach turns at the concept of high demand around a gun used to kill innocent children. Has this happened in real life too? Ick.

Jax can't get out of this one. He has the prospects bring the guns to the warehouse for now. Jax doesn't want any shipments going out right now. Chibs disagrees and wants it to be club decision. Jax refuses. Things are a bit rocky between the Pres and the Veep right now.

Tara's Secret Plan

Tara heads to her office to pack up. Margaret pops in for a visit and Tara asks a favor. She asks for a blood test to be done discreetly to check and see if she's pregnant. WHAT?! That's some terrible timing.

When she gets home, she meets with Lowen. There are stacks of paperwork everywhere and Lowen goes over the process of custody and legal guardians as she pursues a divorce. Well, alright. So it looks like she's going to try to prove that Jax and the club are a danger to her and the boys. If she can do that, she'll get sole custody and the legal guardian in place if anything were to happen to her, will be Wendy. Jax won't have access.

Bobby continues his ride with the Nomads as they pick up one more. The Nomad program can be revived if there are four. Bobby now has three.

Another Junkie Bites the Dust

Back at the cabin, the old lady is tied down with a bandana over her mouth. Jax gives the guys vague and minimal instructions as to how to handle this mess. Chibs and Tig take the cleanup of Gemma's car. Juice heads over to the old lady and shoots her up. Her eyes go from wild to glazed in an instant. Then he grabs a pillow and suffocates her to death. The struggle isn't much, since she's drugged up.

Jax plays it like an accidental overdose when they tell Nero she died. He lies right to him. Nero asks if her death was Jax's call. He says no. Then he asks Chibs to take over the rest of the mess, and he gives Juice a peck on the cheek.

When he comes home to Tara, she's doing some housework. She forces a smile when he walks through the door. He's looking for comfort and gives her a big hug. They both lie about their days and share a kiss.

In the weekly episode ending montage, we see Bobby at a bar, still planning his route. Nero saying goodbye to Arcadio and his old lady before they are buried. Gemma comforts Nero. Chibs looks like he's had it with the club and Jax's leadership. Tara and Jax make love and it's not the same passion that Jax and Tara have always had. He looks distracted and so does she. Will they survive?

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX. 

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