'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Executive Producer Kurt Sutter on Otto, Clay, and the Future of SAMCRO
'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Executive Producer Kurt Sutter on Otto, Clay, and the Future of SAMCRO
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After last week's season 5 finale, Sons of Anarchy Creator and Executive Producer Kurt Sutter spoke with reporters. On Monday, we published the first part of Sutter's interview, where he spoke about Jax's journey and guest stars for season 6. 

In the second part of the interview below, he discusses Otto's tongue incident, Clay's future, and the challenges that will be facing SAMCRO going forward.

Otto's tongue incident was certainly one of the most memorable moments of the finale. Were you looking forward to having that memorable violent moment for yourself?

My pitch on the first day in the writer's room was that I want to find a way for Otto to bite his tongue off so I don't have to learn any more lines.  We were going through the season and everyone just laughed at me.  We got to the end here and it was my way of Otto, as Donal Logue's character says, it was my way of Otto committing.  

Now that Clay has been arrested, what will his role be in the story going forward?

At the end of the season when August tells his guy, "I want him dead before the hearing."  I really want to give the sense that there's a death nail for Clay.  That he's really essentially a dead man walking, or in that case a dead man riding between a bunch of black men.  I really wanted to set that up, in other words, that Jax was successful in his death by proxy option that he's choosing for Clay.  How that will play out exactly I'm not sure yet.  

Whether or not Clay will make it through Season 6, I'm not sure.  There's definitely some more story to tell in terms of the mythology.  What I don't want to do is get into another situation where it's another almost death of Clay.  That I think is very unsatisfying.  I'm not quite sure where Clay's end date will be, but I do think that ultimately it has to be near...

An important part of the finale was the moment that Bobby turned in his badge.  The heart and soul of the club is completely devastated, what will happen now with this fractured group? Is that the thrust of the next year?

Yes, I think that was part of the irony or the tragedy for me really.  ... [The writers] had this list for Jax at the beginning of the season.  It was this sort of checklist of things that what does Jax want?  Jax wants to get out of the drug business.  Jax wants to get out of the cartel business.  Jax has to get rid of RICO.  Jax has to have Clay get his payback, his revenge on Clay.  He had all these things that he needed to do, and he methodically and brilliantly achieved all those goals this season.  

At the end of it, all those tasks were done, but the fallout came on all the personal sides of that, so that both families were in shambles.  Now he has a club that has no more external pressures.  There's no more RICO case against him, there's nobody holding a gun to them anymore.  He's got this relationship now with Eli so that there's no sort of pressure in town.  He's gotten out of the big gun and the drug business.  His new businesses for them, the Diosa, they're making money, the thing with Charming Heights, and yet the club itself is in complete shambles.  

His inner circle is really reduced to two guys now.  Bobby was sort of the last voice of reason, and Bobby turning in that VP patch, it's not that Bobby's leaving the club but he's saying that I can't do this job because you won't let me do this job.  The club itself is really, it's got all these wonderful opportunities, and it's ready to flourish, and yet part of Jax's job next season will really be about now I've removed all the external things.  How do I fix it from the inside?
Are there any specific relationships that you're really looking forward to flushing out in season 6?  

Yes, there's a lot to play out with what will happen with Bobby and Jax next year.  I really think that a major relationship will be between Chibs and Jax, which has really become his Opie now, his main guy, his loyal dude.  I think there will be a lot to play out with there.  Is Chibs capable of maintaining that level of loyalty as Jax goes on this sort of darker journey?  

Will he then be burdened to be the guy that has the voice of reason, and what does that mean for their relationship?  I think that the main relationships that will be played out will be with Jax and Chibs, and also with Jax and Bobby.

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