'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'Una Venta'
'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'Una Venta'
Despite a truly heroic effort from Sons of Anarchy fans, we couldn't quite get Sons of Anarchy trending tonight. That effort did, however, produce some pretty great Tweets. Here are ten of the best collected from browsing the #sonsofanarchy hashtag. Just let me add, SOA has some mighty dedicated (and mighty insightful) fans. Also, it should be noted that during the bunny scene, there were at least a dozen "Not the bunny" tweets.

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#10: TempestGirl72 said: "Gemma and Clay really are made for each other. They are both running scared at this point."

#9: AmberN86 said:
"I don't think Piney is scared of the club or anyone in it."

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#8: VinButler said:
"John had some serious loose lips with his mistress. I dislike the man the more I learn about him."

#7: AprilMac said:
"Piney's Emmy award moment scene, in bed talking to Tara."

#6: TheRealDubDub said:
"My new motto is WWGD: What Would Gemma Do?"

#5: MsJaxTeller said: "Ron Perlman has pretty eyes tonight."

#4: chasegoforth said: "Bunny hostages. #sonsofanarchy is ruthless."

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#3: jenndeve said: "Dammit Tig... don't you go Glenn Close on the bunny."

#2: moremoscato said: "Free to good home. Cute dog. Only wants to play on Tuesday nights during #sonsofanarchy"

#1: celticscorpion said: "Oh, #sonsofanarchy. Another well done episode. But why do I keep thinking 'no one gets out of here alive...'"

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Wanda Fraser
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