'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'Hands'
'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'Hands'
After watching "Hands," episode 10 of the suddenly super-sized fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, I was almost afraid to go to Twitter to see what people were saying. A lot happened, even by SOA standards. Clay is so far into the darkness now, there's no chance he's going to survive this season. Gemma has finally seen him for the monster that he is and Tara has finally started understanding what life as an Old Lady looks like. It was emotional. It was revealing. It may well have been the defining moment for the series as a whole. The tweets reflected all of that. Here are the best 10.

#10. FantasyShrink
"Holy Sons of Anarchy, Batman! After a suspect season in Ireland, it has been quite good this season."

-I agree that this season has been amazing, but I'll have to politely disagree on the 'suspect season in Ireland' part. Perhaps it's just me, but I absolutely loved season three.

#9. Simmons14Life
"Sons of Anarchy is gonna be insane next week. Clay is a dead man but who will kill him? Jax or Opie?"

-I honestly believed Gemma would take him out but now I'm thinking it'll be Jax. Clay is setting fires all over the place. Any one of them could burn him down.

#8. SamCoulton
"Sons of Anarchy is so f**king brilliant. If they really follow through on this set up, the rest of this season is going to be EPIC." 

-Agree with you entirely, Sam. I think this is shaping up to be SOA's best season to date.

#7. Dotratmatt
"Gemma's way better with a skateboard than a pistol."

-Let's all just take a moment to remember how awesome the skateboard scene was. 

#6. Zhandlen
"Things I should have realized a year or two ago: Unser is Sons of Anarchy's Polonius, isn't he."

-I've never really considered that, but I could definitely see how you might think that. I always thought Tig sort of filled that role.

#5: BlufferBluth
"Clay is in for it now!! The wrath of Jax!"

-Jax and just about everyone in SAMCRO. Clay is burning bridges fast.

#4: KevOKeefe1979
"Gemma is EVERY bit as bad as Clay. They deserve each other."

-Gemma is no saint, but I'm just glad she's finally seeing Clay for what he is. 

#3: Ebonie125
"I hate how Gemma plays Wayne like a fool and he is madly in love with her. Kind of like how Clay does to her."

-I'm with you on this one all the way. I know Unser isn't a biker but he's clearly the better choice.

#2: Blowfished
"Sons of Anarchy might probably work without Tara, but not Clay. I hope to TV Gods that they don't lose Clay (or Ron Perlman for that matter)."

-I will truly miss Ron Perlman but after what Clay did to Gemma, I don't think there's much chance we'll see Clay next season. One of them has to go and it better not be Gemma. 

#1: Kimberlee3000
"Holy f**k! Sons of Anarchy just blew my f**king mind!

I think a lot of SOA fans were saying the same thing immediately after the fade to black. I can't wait to say it again after next week's episode. 

Wanda Fraser
Fan Columnist

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