'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'Burnt and Purged Away'
'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'Burnt and Purged Away'
Sons of Anarchy was, in my always humble opinion, in top form this week. Twitter was positively buzzing as episode twelve of season four, "Burnt and Purged Away," drew closer and the tweets kept coming long after the show was over. Fans were shocked as events unfolded and the show progressed. Many were also pleased over the fact that finally, after weeks of trying, Sons finally trended. I've collected 10 of the best tweets for your viewing pleasure.

#10. RoxieKat
"Nothing livens up the story line like hookers on Jungle Gyms."

-I hadn't given it much consideration but you may very well be right. You also made me smile so gold star!

#9. Dom_Pagone (PR man for FX)
"Wow, SOA and Opie are trending in the US. Did I mention I love you, Sons of Anarchy fans?"

-We love you too, Dom! 

#8. PaperMasked
"Opie just got me hot! Throwing my panties at you babe!"

-Ryan Hurst is the man.

#7. Debbie1388
"Potter is John Teller. It makes sense. Picture was sure a dead ringer."

-Kurt Sutter himself has said Potter is not John Teller. Besides, JT would be in his 70s by now which definitely rules this one out. There definitely is a resemblance though. Maybe JT's brother?

"Woo hoo! Sons of Anarchy and Gemma trending!!!"

-It's about time SOA got a little trending love on Twitter! And three trends over the course of one episode, counting Opie? Nice work!

#5: AprilMac
"That was a Michael Corleone kiss if I ever saw one."

-I thought the same thing. Definitely the 'Kiss of Death'.

#4. TVDoneWright
"Clay is wearing a vest. He has to, right?"

-If Clay was a smart man, he would've worn a vest every time he left the house. He's been racking up enemies pretty quickly. From what I've heard though, he wasn't. Clay is dead but I've heard wrong before.

#3. Te_Amo_Musica
"Every week I'm left speechless by this show."

-No word of a lie, by the end of this episode, I was staring at my television screen with my mouth hung open trying making some weird sort of wordless gasping noise. I completely get what you're saying. 

#2. RoxieKat
"I feel like I've been running for an hour and I'm just sitting here..."

-That perfectly captures the intensity of this episode. Very well said, indeed.

#1. AprilMac
"I want a Sons of Anarchy Xmas special, SOA Scrooged, with Piney as the Ghost of Christmas Past, June Stahl as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Donna as Christmas Future."

Yes! I am all for any idea that brings back Piney, Stahl and Piney, even if it's just for one episode. Perhaps that will be the additional episode ordered this season. It's too good not to happen, right? Who would Scrooge be?

Wanda Fraser
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of FX)