'Sons of Anarachy' Finale Recap: Jax Wins, But At What Cost?
'Sons of Anarachy' Finale Recap: Jax Wins, But At What Cost?
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
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"J'ai Obenu Cette" delivers everything Sons of Anarchy's fifth season promised. In a way, Jax wins. Pope and Clay get satisfyingly dealt with, while still leaving room for their stories to unfold next season. Still, his victory comes with heavy costs.

Planning a Permanent Vacation

It all starts with plans. Jax and Pope arrange when and where Tig gets handed over. Meanwhile Gemma and Clay plot their escape from Charming. They're not alone in designing exit strategies. After Wendy stops by Tara's office and tells her about Jax's needlework last episode, she's dead set on leaving as well. It's great how we've seen Wendy's character develop from a pathetic junkie to one strong woman.

Gemma proceeds to mess up Tara's plans. Wow, what an unexpected development! Finding flowers congratulating Tara on her new job, Gemma confronts her. She states even if it takes narcing on Tara's involvement in a murder, she took away her grandchildren. Everyone's heard of evil mothers-in-law, but that threat takes a special kind of terrible.

Acting Like Animals

Meanwhile Jax and Nero show audiences what the ASPCA could do if provided heavy weaponry. They take down a rival gang's dogfighting ring operating on Byz Lat turf in a sequence defining the word "brutal." Personally, I didn't feel any sympathy when someone got their face shoved in a bucket of nails, as animal abusers rank somewhere between "serial killer" and "fascist dictator" on the evil scale. Tig has similar feelings, and watching him rescue an adorable pit bull is an episode highlight.

In other events labeled "incredibly traumatizing," Otto creatively ensures he'll never testify again. As in, he bites his own tongue off. Kurt Sutter, you owe your audience therapy for that scene. 

The Rare Triple Cross

Finally making good on his deal with Pope, Jax hands Tig over. Moments before the execution takes place, Jax bursts in and saves his friend. Tig finally avenges his daughter's death, killing Pope. 

The gun Jax uses in these murders belongs to one Clay Morrow. Passing this information along to Roosevelt results in Clay's arrest. It's allows Jax revenge, but still keeps his hands clean. Funnily enough, that's exactly how Pope advised him to take care of this matter.

An Arrested Development

Tara's too slow in getting out of Charming. Shortly after telling Jax her plans of leaving, cops come in and arrest her. Charged with helping aiding Otto in a murder, it's never explained who ratted Tara out. However, Gemma magically showing up right as Tara's getting hauled off certainly raises eyebrows. 

It's an incredibly satisfying and well done episode ending Sons of Anarchy's best season yet. Jax seems comfortable with having traded morals for victory, but may reevaluate this situation after losing his family. What was your favorite part of "J'ai Obenu Cette?" Will Jax recover from losing Tara? Comment and let us know, and make sure you don't miss Sons of Anarchy's return by downloading the free BuddyTV iPhone app.

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