The 'SYTYCD' Top 8: Who's Going Home?
The 'SYTYCD' Top 8: Who's Going Home?
Just when we thought the most interesting thing on So You Think You Can Dance this week involves the same-sex partnerships, the unexpected happens: Alex Wong suffers an injury.

And judging from what Nigel Lythgoe said last night, it could be serious: everyone fears that Alex suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, which would force him on the sidelines for months -- and, if the MRI results suggest he can't perform next week, could spell the end of his run on the show. Not really the best ending for a contestant we've waited two seasons to perform on the SYTYCD stage, right?

That makes tonight's results pretty interesting. If Alex's injury proves serious, he could be sent home tonight, and while the judges have all the say on who packs their bags at this point, it's still possible that more than one dancer goes home tonight. Of course, if the doctors say he's just fine, one of the remaining finalists will go home -- and judging from what transpired last night, a guy is still going home.

So, as always, here's the result of my weekly ritual: my bottom three, as well as John's bottom three, and your bottom three as gleaned from last night's poll. Must be interesting how tonight pans out.

Poll results from last night's live recap:

Interestingly, this is the first time this season when all the finalists got votes.

Adechike Torbert -- 47%
Jose Ruiz -- 16%
Alex Wong -- 14%

John Kubicek's bottom three:

Injured Alex will be joined by:

Adechike Torbert
Robert Roldan

I actually think Alex's too injured and is going to have to be eliminated. However, if he gets to stay, Adechike will definitely get booted by Mia and Adam.

Henrik Batallones' bottom three:

Injured Alex will be joined by:

Adechike Torbert
Jose Ruiz

I agree with John here: if Alex doesn't go home (and I think he will) then Adechike will. Sure, the choreography may have not done him favors last night, but he still struggles with partner work, and that should be the basis for his elimination.

What do you think will happen tonight? Is it goodbye to Alex, or to someone else?

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