The 'SYTYCD' Top 7: Who's Going Home?
The 'SYTYCD' Top 7: Who's Going Home?
Trust me, you wouldn't want to be in my position. You wouldn't want to be the guy who predicts who goes home on So You Think You Can Dance this week.

And no, it's not because Ashley Galvan's severe rib pains sidelined her this week and sent her to the bottom three. (But I'll admit, the idea of Ashley -- arguably one of the better dancers this season -- going home isn't going well with me.) The performances this week were really good: a diverse mix of styles that were interesting in one way or another. If the bottom three the past few weeks have been surprising, then this week could be a shocker. It's that hard getting a good read this week.

Well, maybe not that hard, because judging from the way you voted in our polls -- as well as the predictions of John Kubicek and yours truly -- it seems tonight will go either two ways. Either Ashley goes home (ouch) or someone else in particular does. And if you've been following the show (and our coverage) over the past few weeks, you'll know who that is...

Poll results from last night's live recap:

Adechike Torbert -- 44%
Jose Ruiz -- 32%
Ashley Galvan -- 22%

The only other finalist to get votes: Billy Bell, with just 2%.

John Kubicek's bottom three:

Injured Ashley will be joined by:

Adechike Torbert
Billy Bell

Ashley will be going home. If not, then it'll be Adechike. Dancing with Kent will mean everyone who enjoyed their routine voted for Kent rather than for Adechike. However, I suspect, like last week, Ashley's injury is more severe than they let on and she'll be gone.

Henrik Batallones' bottom three:

Injured Ashley will be joined by:

Adechike Torbert
Jose Ruiz

I'm cautiously optimistic this week. I think Ashley will be well enough to dance next week, so if she isn't going home, then Adechike is. What I'm not sure about is the composition of the bottom three -- it might include either Billy (since he's no stranger to the bottom) or Lauren (since the Tahitian dance's oddness won't do her favors).

That leaves us with this question: who's going home tonight? Will it be another injury-related withdrawal? Will it be a long-overdue elimination (at least in my opinion)? Or should we expect another surprise?

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