The 'SYTYCD' Top 11: Who's Going Home?
The 'SYTYCD' Top 11: Who's Going Home?
One week of the competition down, and I don't know what to make out of it. Could it be growing pains? After all, this season of So You Think You Can Dance is different compared to past seasons, with only eleven finalists instead of twenty (or ten) and the entry of the All-Stars. Sometimes you wonder whether you're watching the support rather than the actual finalist -- that makes the choosing more difficult this time around.

Still, we've got a vote to do, and from that will come the bottom three -- and the judges will send one of them home. As always, we'll take a stab at guessing who does go home (or, at least, get sent to the bottom three) with a not-so-scientific method involving poll results from last night's live recap, your Fantasy TV picks, and guesses from your SYTYCD experts this season, John Kubicek and yours truly. And my other job? As I used to say months ago, I crunch the numbers.

Poll results from last night's live recap:

Melinda Sullivan -- 29%
Alexie Agdeppa -- 23%
Cristina Santana -- 23%

John Kubicek's bottom three:

Alexie Agdeppa
Cristina Santana
Melinda Sullivan

Cristina will go home tonight.

Henrik Batallones' bottom three:

Adechike Torbert
Alexie Agdeppa
Cristina Santana

Either Cristina or Alexie will go home tonight. It's quite a hard pick.

Tonight, one of the Top 11 will be headed home, and we'll be one step closer to learning who America's Favorite Dancer is this time around. And, personally, it might take a while before we get a clear idea on who it is...

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