The 'SYTYCD' Top 10: Who's Going Home?
The 'SYTYCD' Top 10: Who's Going Home?
Last night's So You Think You Can Dance performance show was probably one of the weirdest in the show's history. Apart from Cat Deeley's inappropriately funny invitation and the judges trying to fix what seemed to be broke last week, almost all of the dancers danced outside of their genres. And the weirdest thing of them all: despite the shake-up, our picks for elimination are still the same.

So, yes, treat this as a repeat of last week's Who's Going Home piece, only without Alexie Agdeppa's name on it. BuddyTV's resident SYTYCD mavens (that'd be John Kubicek and yours truly) have the same bottom three, and you, the fans who voted on our polls and on Fantasy TV, thought the same thing. Simply put, we're still culling the weakest of the pack -- that's totally subjective too, as I love Melinda -- and things will only get interesting when the best of the best remain.

Here go the numbers, then. Crunching time!

Poll results from last night's live recap:

Adechike Torbert -- 71%
Melinda Sullivan -- 18%
Cristina Santana -- 11%

John and Henrik's bottom three:

We have the same bottom three this week:

Adechike Torbert
Cristina Santana
Melinda Sullivan

Adechike will go home tonight. They still won't let go of the ladies, I think.

Tonight, apart from performances by dance crew RemoteKontrol and Latin pop star Debi Nova -- and hopefully Cat dancing this, maybe with Dominic? -- one more finalist goes home. But we all know who that is, right?

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