The 10 Best 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 8 Auditions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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First off, a disclaimer. These rankings are in no way meant to imply that we at BuddyTV have any knowledge of who will triumph in next week's Las Vegas competition of So You Think You Can Dance. These are simply the performances that, when looking back, stand out as particularly memorable or amazing.

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#10 Melanie Moore: Contemporary

At the Atlanta auditions, Melanie came out early to start the season in high fashion. She performed a contemporary dance that was solid, beautiful and oddly memorable.

#9 Jeffery "Machine" McCann: Breakdancing

This b-boy wowed the judges in San Francisco, giving a breakdancing performance that would easily stop traffic in any street. Nigel didn't even bother to critique the energetic, lyrical performance. Instead, he merely held up a ticket.


#8 Jess LeProtto: Musical Theater/Jazz

This guy started off by saying "okey-doke" to Nigel and kept the fun going throughout his performance. The dance was far more of a show than many and showcased impressive moves along with the acting.

#7 Chase Thomas: Contemporary

I'll admit that I thought the nakedness was just a gimmick. But it wasn't. As Chase promised, the exposed body allowed for a greater visualization of the man's incredible skill, poise and performance. It was like a Renaissance statue come to life.

#6 Tadd Gadduang: Breakdancing

How can you not love a man who dances upside-down? Tadd didn't just do some flips, he managed to perform steps while on his hands. Add that to a performance that could not be contained even by the stage, and Tadd was someone to watch.


#5 Jordan Casanova: Contemporary/Jazz

The sweet and innocent little girl turned into what can best be described as a stripper (who somehow ended with as much clothing as when she started) when she got on stage. This surprising dance turned out to be the sexiest performance of the auditions.

#4 Patty Anne Miller: Hip Hop

An obviously unusual girl (who went to college on a drumming scholarship), Patty Anne started out her dance with a shaking movement that made me think my TV was messed up. From there, she kept the performance going with perfectly coordinated and intensely individual movements.

#3 Amber Williams: Contemporary

This most-energetic of dancers came on like a fireball, danced aggressively and then dissolved into hyperactive shrieks when she got her Las Vegas ticket. The crazy part? The kind of annoying nuttiness turned into pure beauty while dancing.

#2 Princess Lockeroo: Whacking

Whenever a dancer announces a style we've never heard of, the results are sure to be interesting at least. And whacking did not fail in that respect. The performance by "Princess Lockeroo" (real name, Samara Cohen) was nothing short of incredible and displayed a dance-style reminiscent of Madonna's "Vogue" video. Only sped up about a million times.

#1 D.C. Chapman: Some Charlie Chaplin-esque Style Made Up of Various Steps

After teaching Nigel some new moves, D.C. seemed to be channeling the various stars of the silent era as he performed an incredible, entertaining dance. I have no idea what this style could be, but it's awesome.

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