'SYTYCD' Top 10 Spoilers: Who's (Possibly) Dancing With Whom?
'SYTYCD' Top 10 Spoilers: Who's (Possibly) Dancing With Whom?
So You Think You Can Dance kicks things up a notch from tomorrow night, when the Top 10 start competing individually. And to make things more interesting for everyone, contestants from past seasons return to be their partners. You might know them as the All-Stars... but of course, you do.

Anyway, here's something we haven't seen in a while: spoilers! Thanks to the folks at OMGDance, here's what we might expect to see on SYTYCD tomorrow night. The list's still incomplete, and things can still move around, but already the pair-ups look interesting.

First, the pair-ups that are looking definite:

Jess LeProtto and Kathryn McCormick
Kathryn is any SYTYCD choreographer's dream ingenue: she can pull off a role quite well, not to mention she a mesmerizing watch. It could prove to be quite a challenge for Jess, who's benefited from Clarice's underwhelming presence the past few weeks.

Jordan Casanova and Brandon Bryant
I'm excited to see Brandon back on the show, and I think Jordan has to really step up to the plate. He's quite a force to reckon with and I can imagine her being gobbled up alive, but it could go either way. (Side note: their routine will be choreographed by Desmond Richardson.)

Melanie Moore and Pasha Kovalev
After watching Melanie succeed in her tango with Marko last week, I think she can hold her own against Pasha. But then again, he is Pasha freaking Kovalev.

Mitchell Kelly and Melody Lacayanga
I haven't seen Melody in a while now, so I'll admit I'll be focusing on her more than Mitchell. Considering the fact that throughout the past few weeks I've been focusing on Caitlynn more than Mitchell, it's not looking good for him.

Ricky Jaime and Allison Holker
This is a critical week for Ricky, who's arguably been bogged down by his partnership with just-eliminated Ryan Ramirez. Having Allison by his side could work well for him, and I expect a routine that will, at least, be in the middle of the pack.

Sasha Mallory and Twitch Boss
Sasha doesn't have the best track record when it comes to hip-hop (and I'm predicting she's doing hip-hop) but we've seen her strength over the past few weeks, and I think it could translate well.

Next, the pair-ups that are still a bit up in the air:

Chelsie Hightower and either Marko Germar or Tadd Gadduang
I don't see any problems with whoever ends up with Chelsie: she's quite versatile, and we know Tadd's done a wide range of style in the show, too.

Comfort Fedoke and either Marko Germar or Tadd Gadduang
I'm tempted to go for the obvious and hope for a Comfort/Tadd hip-hop routine, but I'd like to see Marko hit hard for once. If that happens it's going to be a bit difficult, since he's had smooth sailing with Melanie previously.

Robert Roldan and either Caitlynn Lawson or Clarice Ordaz
If Caitlynn ends up with Robert, it wouldn't be the first time -- he stood in for Mitchell during Top 20 week when he suffered an injury.

Mystery All-Star and either Caitlynn Lawson or Clarice Ordaz
This is supposed to be Alex Wong's slot, if not for the fact that he injured his leg two weekends back. Who could take over for him? OMGDance is saying that Ade Obayomi is assisting Stacey Tookey this week, which means he could be on the show. They're also reporting that Ryan and Ashleigh DiLello from season 6 are at the studios, which raises the possibility of Ryan being the 10th All-Star. I'd like to see that -- if only for the chance of more ballroom.

Which pair are you most excited to see on SYTYCD tomorrow? Or maybe you're more excited for guest judge Neil Patrick Harris?

(Image courtesy of Fox)