'SYTYCD' Recap: The 5 Best Parts of the Top 11 Intro Show
'SYTYCD' Recap: The 5 Best Parts of the Top 11 Intro Show
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
If the introduction show of season 7 is any indication, this really will be the best season of So You Think You Can Dance ever.  All the dancers, Top 11 and all-stars, were fantastic and the choreographers each brought something very special to the table.  If this is an all-star season, then this was the night of all-star choreographers putting on their all-star routines.

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There were so many unbelievably great dances and great moments, but I've cut it down to the five So You Think You Can Dance moments that stole the show.

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Wade Robson vs. Travis Wall

Perhaps my favorite thing about So You Think You Can Dance is the insane choreography.  While Wade Robson is the reigning champion and continued his streak with a tea party/croquet match, Travis Wall is easily rivaling that magic with his own 1920s Paris dance about dark and disturbed people coming out at night.  These two brilliant choreographers brought their A-games.

Cat Deeley's Playfulness

From the very start, the hostess with the moistest Cat Deeley is on fire, gabbing about the show's new female director by saying "You go, girlfriend!"  That fun continued with her fun and very enticing flirtation with all-star Dominic Sandoval.

Kent Boyd is Single

Just when you think the sweet little Wapakonetan couldn't get any more gosh-darn adorable, Kent spent his 11 seconds blushing before announcing to the world that he's single.  Then Cat asked him what kind of woman he's looking for and he simply responds: "Someone like my mom.  Or Beyonce!"  This kid could go all the way with that kind of winning charm.

The Sexy Threesome

Not only did the show feature a sexy threesome for a ballroom number featuring Cristina Santana with all-stars Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis, but it also took Pasha virtually no time at all to take his shirt off, leaving the female and gay male portion of the SYTYCD audience very, very happy.

The Freak and the Beast

Not only did the show put the two best dancers who were forced to withdraw after making the Top 20 in past seasons, but Billy Bell (the freak of nature who is just as flexible if not moreso than Jakob Karr) and Alex Wong (the technically perfect beast) got to dance to a very touching Mia Michaels routine.  My only complaint is that I don't see how the rest of the season can match the magic of the intro show performances.

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