'So You Think You Can Dance' Interview: Jasmine Mason on Her Elimination and What's Next for Her
'So You Think You Can Dance' Interview: Jasmine Mason on Her Elimination and What's Next for Her
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On So You Think You Dance, it's become the norm to expect the unexpected. With 18 dancers left, the competition went through a much welcomed change in the elimination process and an unfortunate injury. 

The bottom three men were saved from an judge's elimination with Jade's withdrawal due to a knee injury. And, after "dancing for their lives" and the partnered routines, the bottom 3 women faced elimination and Jasmine ended her run on SYTYCD.

Jasmine Mason spoke on a call with reporters after her elimination. Despite being out of the competition, she was positive in her reflections on the experience and enthusiastic about her future.

Jasmine and her partner, Alan, danced a quirky jazz routine as a queen and king. The judges felt that she was too restrained during the performance and didn't have enough fun with it. She didn't disagree with that assessment and commented, "I was so focused on being this prim and proper queen that I think I kinda let that take over a little bit."

It's never easy to be eliminated from a competition, especially so early. Jasmine reflected on her thought on being out. "I was a little surprised, but this show is so unpredictable. The bottom 3 last week, I didn't think would be the bottom 3.You're always prepared and practicing your solo," she said. "I was a little surprised, but I wasn't too surprised because it's so unpredictable."

She had quite a few positive experiences, but the highlight was her contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall. "[My favorite was] definitely the blindfold with Alan because I was so proud of us and it was our first week together and anyone's first week together is the hardest because you have to find trust in that person right away, instantly, and a connection. And not only did we have to do that we had to do it with blindfolds on. So I felt so accomplished when we pulled that routine off. "

Jasmine has no plans to go away. She's ready to move on and do something else in her career. What's next for her? "Oh my gosh. I am not stopping here. I want to obviously continue my dance career, get back with my dance agent and see what we can do. I had so much fun on stage acting and playing different roles. I think I want to get into some acting stuff and see where that goes."

Watch the bottom three "dance for their lives."

Jasmine M's Solo

Jenna's Solo

Alexis's Solo

Did the right dancer get eliminated this week?

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