So You Think You Can Dance:Top 6 Results Live Thoughts
Tonight, six become the final four and the pressure is on.  The six open the show with a number by Tom Waits.  They look like dead sea creatures.  Lauren's facial expressions stand out.  It's a strange number but interesting to watch.  Cat shows up to tell us the number was a Wade Robson piece.  Over ten and a half million votes came in and anyone could be going home.

The judges weigh in - Nigel, Mary, and Debbie Allen.  Debbie lets us know that former contestant Cedric has been offered a scholarship to his school complete with housing, classes, and the opportunity to perform.  That's great to hear!  An African dance complete with a live band is the first performance of the night.  I appreciate that the show opens younger people to so many styles of dance.

It's time for a quick commercial.  By the way, did you get your tickets for the tour yet?  They went on sale this past Saturday.  I got mine four minutes after they went on sale and got great seats.  Can't wait!  All the ticket info can be found on Ticketmaster's website.

Back and Sabra just did a very energetic solo.  Lauren's up now with an 80s song and giving it all she's got but it falls short of what Sabra just did out there.  They're moving the show along and Lacey is up with her solo now, showing off her ballroom technique.  Strange ending but it was a good solo.  Another commercial break, you know they're gonna drag out these results on us!

It's time for the guy solos.  Pasha is up and shirtless, I might add, for all you Pasha fans.  I know ballroom people usually struggle in the solos but I think he's doing a great job.  After him is Neil and the girls go crazy even though he IS wearing a shirt.  He just spun about 700 times and did his signature leap with a kick.  I don't think he's going anywhere tonight.  Danny's solo is last and he just flies around that stage.  It fell a little flat at the end but his talent is undeniable.

Cat tells us about a very special program in L.A. where the choreographers are teaching free clinics to children throughout the city.  It's nice to see people give back especially with the arts!  Choreographer Lil C does a special performance, showing us krumping.  Another break and we're back in a few. 

It's time for Cat to announce which girl is being eliminated.  First, we have to all be reminded what happened last week.  After that, Cat announces the first safe person: Lacey!  I'm not surprised.  Commercial break and then we'll find out which girl will be out of the competition. 

Apparently not.  First, Cat wants to let us know which boy is safe.  Of course, we've gotta do the recap of what the boys did on the performance episode. Which boys is safe?   YES YES YES!  Danny is safe, thank you America!!  Cat announces that the studio will be cleared for the elimination results and they respond by boo-ing. 

On a closed set, the results are announced.  It's strange to not have the fan reaction.  Cat starts with the girls and announces which girl has made it into the finale.  Sabra is staying and Lauren is out.  I can't help but be slightly disappointed.  Time for the video clips of Lauren's greatest moments.  She was really fun to watch this season.

The night ends with the male elimination.  Cat announces that Neil is staying (the ladies have spoken) and Pasha is out.  Mary is in tears and Debbie is choked up as well.  The top four finalists head over to say goodbye to Lauren and Pasha.  Don't forget, we'll be talking to the eliminated duo tomorrow on BuddyTV!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)