So You Think You Can Dance: Ranking the Top 3 Females
Alright, dance fans.  Be nice to me.  I'm taking over the rankings for this week and I have a different take on the female dancers.  I actually wasn't surprised Sara went home.  The judges portrayed her as the most transformed dancer, the b-girl who became a lady.  But Sara has had previous training in many different styles of dance from jazz to modern to ballet and only had focused on breaking the last four years.  However, I will give it to Sara that she improved throughout the competition but perhaps not enough to clinch the title.  With that said, this is how I rank the three remaining ladies on So You Think You Can Dance.

#3 - Lacey Schwimmer

I can understand why someone might rank her second or even first.  No one can deny Lacey's dancing ability.  However, I like her best in ballroom or contemporary and not as much in hip hop.  Her flower piece with Neil last week truly blew me away but it's not often that Lacey has that effect on me.  There's part of me that thinks Lacey has one style of performing, sensual, and I'd like to see more of the softer, flower routine side of her.  If she can do that in the coming episodes, she'll probably be able to win me over.

#2 - Lauren Gottlieb

I think Lauren's gotten the short end of the stick the entire competition.  She's constantly in the bottom but someone always manages to go out before her.  She's definitely had more saves than anyone else.  Her performance of the Wade Robson solo peace routine two weeks ago was by far one of the strongest and she has brilliant moments in her partner routines.  Her inconsistency and her inability to win over the rest of America keeps her at #2 for me.

#1 - Sabra Johnson

Sabra had me from the beginning, from when she was partnered with Dominic and they performed their contemporary routine.  Having only been dancing for a few years, she outshines anyone else who lacks the decades of training.  It doesn't seem Sabra ever gives a bad performance or misses the mark on a certain style.  Having proven to be the most versatile dancer, I think she deserves to go final two and maybe win the whole thing.

What are your thoughts?  How would you rank the final three females going into this week's performance episode?

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)